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  1. George Demetriou

    Thank you to Cindy, Russ and Abby for hosting the 2nd Annual Summer Bash! It was such a good time! Thank you to all who attended and made the party what is was! These are the good times we will always remember.

  2. JaneM

    Thank you for hosting another great party. Food, pool, hot tub, giant jenga what more could anyone want? Oh yes and a drink or 72. FUN!

  3. Bevin

    Sorry I missed the party. I was playing chauffeur to my teens ????

    George I loved that article!!! Loved loved loved. Especially since I hear comments from
    Family (who can’t even walk briskly around their block without being winded or who are pre hypertensive or pre diabetic) about my weight, hell even my dr who called me heavy based on a number written on a piece of paper without even looking at me or asking about my diet and exercise habits. This article is perfect timing for me.

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