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  1. Jay

    Joe M how did I know you would be the first to comment?? George I will carry that distinction of “possibly” being the most photographed with Pride and will avail myself to the camera whenever photos are being taken so that I can continue to hold that title!!!!

  2. George

    Joe–When I told Jay that he would be on the website again his only response was, “Joe isn’t going to like that.”

    Jay–Thanks for always being photogenic!

    And should you be wondering…I did not take that photo. Dani was the photographer on that one. She was just trying to capture the whole scene, but look who came out completely in focus. That’s right, Jay. Even the camera knows. Jay likes the camera and the camera likes Jay. It’s pretty simple really.

  3. George Demetriou

    Joe–You’ll be featured on tomorrow’s website. I had to delete at least 9 photos of you before coming up with a usable one. I NEVER have to delete photos of Jay. Every single one is perfect. 🙂

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