CROSSFIT SUFFOLK: Lisa Wins The International Powerlifting Association Long Island Fall Fest


CROSSFIT SUFFOLK: Lisa Wins The International Powerlifting Association Long Island Fall Fest

Workout of the Day
1 round for time of:

500 meter row
400 meter run
10 deadlifts 185/115 lbs.
4 rounds of “Cindy” (5 pull-ups, 10 push-ups, 15 squats)

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.


Late Friday night Shawna Mendelson of the Blue Collar Barbell Gym in Bohemia and 14 time World Champion powerlifter called Lisa and convinced her to compete at the 2013 International Powerlifters Association (IPA) Long Island Fall Fest in Westbury, NY.  Lisa reluctantly agreed to compete.  At 47 years old and weighing in at 116 lbs. Lisa was easily the oldest and smallest competitor, but if you know Lisa you understand that those factors mean nothing to her.  Lisa was nervous and chose her weights very conservatively.  When the competition came to a close we discovered that Lisa won the overall for the women!  She’s still in shock as I type this.  Upon inspection of the IPA website I discovered that, unless it needs to be updated, Lisa may be the world champ for women in her age group.  She doesn’t know yet, by the way, but I promise to tell her later.






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  1. lisa

    LMAO…your soo funny!!! thank you! <3

    and Kelly R:
    it sill hasnt sunk in! ..LOL!! I wish you couldve been there too! it was an amazing experience! the people the energy, the way Shawna directed the whole event!! she really did a a great job!
    thank you honey! i just read what you wrote and tears came to my eyes whether they updated it and it changed matters nothing but that you took the time to look AND think so much of me is all I need along with the kids! XOXOX nothing else@ love ya!

  2. Jane

    So now the rest of the world will know what we at Spartan Performance know. Lisa is a determined athlete, a dedicated athlete, a humble athlete and a beautiful athlete. Oh yeah and a FREAKIN strong athlete. Congratulations!!!! Love ya, Janie

  3. Tatyana

    Congrats to Lisa!!! You are such an inspiration to all of us who come and see you every day at the gym! You are always there to help, to teach and to inspire… With broken foot, bad shoulder… Nothing stops you!!! It’s great to know that even on your “off” days you kick ass!!! I’m in awe. As Kelly said, I wish I was there …

  4. Amie aka Mrs.Bronco

    Yeah girl! Congrats! You are an inspiring amazing beautiful strong woman. So glad to be a part of spartan performance! Love ya

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