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Skill Development

Larry performs kettlebell swings so furiously our high speed digital camera was having trouble keeping up with him!  On a serious note, Larry began training with us at the very end of April.  His very first "Fran" was 11:15.  His last "Fran" was 4:44.  Larry's CrossFit Total at the end of May was 755 with a 360 lbs. Deadlift.  His last CF Total was 835 with a 405 lbs. Deadlift.  This was done in a period of less than four months!  Larry weighs somewhere around 165 lbs.  He continuously makes improvements and constantly performs better than the last time.  He does this while looking to help the other athletes and trainers and he does this while remaining humble.  Keep up the good work Larry!



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  1. Joey G

    But for real Larry has made tremendous PR’s and improvements. You’re a great example of an amazing athlete and a prime example of how Crossfit can change lives.
    Wow Larry that cool chick seems pretty cool huh?

  2. Larry

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, that was a good one Joe, I like how you specifically say it is not you. The only reason I believe I have improved so much was by trying to keep up with my brother and you. Also, thanks for the post today George and Lisa, I really didnt realize it was that much of a difference. Hopefully i can improve just as much within the next 4 months!! We shall see!!!

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