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We were approached by a neighbor who happens to be a member of his police department’s SWAT team.  This neighbor has seen us working out at the local gym prior to becoming a CrossFit affiliate.  As he approached he had a look of concern.

“I need to ask you something, the SWAT team physicals are coming up, how do you do so many pull-ups?”

We pondered the answer for a moment.  We thought about the various stages or modifications of the pull-up.  We thought about mechanics and the muscles involved.  We thought of something to say that would sound like the ultimate pearl of wisdom regarding pull-ups.  Something else dawned on me.

“In all the times we saw each other at the gym you have seen me do pull-ups and I have never seen you do pull-ups.  To increase the number of pull-ups you can do you have to do pull-ups.”

Genius!  What a novel concept to a complex question.

We explained further, “Look, pull-ups are difficult, but they’re even more difficult if you have to do them and you never work at it.  You have to make them part of routine like you jog on the treadmill every time you’re in the gym.  Pull-ups must become part of your life-style.”

Our daughter, Melissa, is 16 years old and has been doing pull-ups since she was old enough to grip a bar at the playground.  She was a frequent guest at the Jungle-gym set at the local school.  She believes doing pull-ups and hanging from bars, tree branches and all sorts of structures is a normal, everyday thing that you are supposed to do.  Melissa grew up in the culture of fitness.  Being athletic was something fostered into her at a very early age.  It was made to be fun.  More importantly, it was made to be part of everyday life.

Getting back to my neighbor….I informed him about CrossFit and why he needs it for his job.  I don’t know if he’s ready to make the leap yet, but at least he’s aware.

The point of this is in order to get used to an exercise or movement, in order to get better at something, we need to make it a part of what we do on a regular basis.  We need to practice what we are trying to get better at with consistency.  Waiting for “it” to happen on its own or waiting for a magic formula isn’t going to happen. 

We enjoy asking more experienced CrossFitters what they do in order to be great at a particular exercise.  Almost always it comes down to focus.  Focusing on that particular exercise.  Doing it often.  Breaking it down in stages.  Working it.  Making it increasingly more difficult in order to get better at it.  Just doing it!

Achieving a better level if fitness is far more possible when you decide to make it part of your culture, part of your everyday focus.  It’s easier when fitness becomes part of your lifestyle as opposed to something that should be done, but you don’t like doing it or “doing” it, but not really “working at it”.

Train smart and train hard.

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