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Run 15K

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Ben, one of our first athletes at CF Suffolk, is on his way to serve in the Unites States Army today!  Ben made tremendous progress in the few short months he was training.  We’re proud of you Ben!  Thanks for your service.  Be well.


Louie Simmons, from Westside Barbell, has trained and continues to train some of the strongest people on the planet.  Click on this link for a list of Louie’s articles.  Check out the February 2008 article on Teen Lifting and see the poundage being lifted by guys who are barely old enough to vote!

Westside Barbell?”Often Imitated but never duplicated”

Need inspiration for today’s WOD?

Check out this link:

Wired 15.01: The Perfect Human

The article is about Ultramarathon runner Dean Karnazes.  Dean ran 50 marathons, 50 days in a row in 50 cities.  Dean defies what you’ve heard about the human body in terms of eating, sleeping and recovery time.

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  1. Joey G

    wow that sucked. 1:48:38. My time wasn’t that good but I never ran that far so I guess I have something to shoot for now.

  2. DevinFord_@_CFsuffolk

    Dean Karnazes, is THE man, to bad hes not a Crossfitter h’ed blow everyone away, im taking those tips into consideration! Pain, here we come….
    And to think those 9.5 miles today was alot…

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