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Run 5 K

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In the spirit of today's workout of the day, if you have not done so, check out CrossFit Endurance

CrossFit Endurance offers additional workouts geared to enhancing endurance events or performance in general.  The website has informative articles and links as well.  CFE also offers the CrossFit Running and Endurance certification.  Larry and Devin from CrossFit Suffolk were recently certified and they're still ranting and raving about the top notch coaching and instruction they received, not to mention they run more efficiently now.

From the CrossFit Endurance website:

This website is to be used with the Main Site WOD as our top
athletes have seen the best results from following it and this program.
Follow the directions as indicated on each days WOD. If you aren't
recovering and hitting times that you should hit, take a day or two
off… Recovery is why you get better, not more training!

With Progression!!! CrossFit 4-6 times per week. The most successful
athletes will be able to follow the main site schedule for 3 on 1 off.
Choose ONE sport per day on this site. Supplement single sport by only
doing 2-3 workouts per week. Supplement multisport by doing only 2
workouts per week per sport… 1 interval, and 1 tempo, or 2 interval.
Deviate from this and you will miss performance gains.

CrossFit Old Bethpage will be hosting a running seminar this Sunday, October 26th from 9am till 2pm.  The seminar will be on the POSE method of running…the method taught by CrossFit Endurance.  The cost of the seminar is $100 per person.  Contact CrossFit Old Bethpage for further information. 

Courtesy of CrossFit.com:

Running Technique, CrossFit Newport Beach…[wmv][mov]

Courtesy of CrossFit Endurance.  Brian MacKenzie explaining POSE and technique:

Why Pose?

Pose Running – The Fall

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