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Rest Day

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The below article is courtesy of Psychology Today.  The premise of the article is the actual function of dreaming is to practice survival.  The article has circulated in the law enforcement and military training communities.  Another reason to get adequate sleep!  Here's a short excerpt and the link:

Saber-toothed tigers no longer stalk our villages, but Stone Age themes
still rule our dreams. "Nowadays, the evolutionary footprint is
clearest in the dreams of children, who often dream about being chased
by monsters, much the same way we were once chased by predators," says
Revonsuo. As life has evolved, so have the threats we rehearse. "You
insert a modern danger into that ancestral key and get a bizarre
combination," says Revonsuo. "We dream of being chased, shot, or
robbed, getting into traffic accidents, a burglar in our house, or
perhaps smaller mishaps such as losing our wallets—and that prepares us
for our waking life."

Psychology Today: Dreams: Night School

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