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Five rounds for time of:
50 pound dumbbell, walking lunge, 10 alternating steps
50 pound dumbbell, swing, 15 reps

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Dumbbell Swing

Dumbbell Swing is a great exercise that can be used as a strength
exercise or conditioning exercise. It builds power and endurance in the
hips and posterior chain. You can do the Dumbbell Swing on its own or
as part of a circuit.

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Dumbbell Swing
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An athlete who wishes (and has) to change his body composition inquired about how genetics affected his body and how much influence he has over that change.  The common answers we've heard from either end of the spectrum are, (1) your genetics determine everything about your body type and, (2) your genetics don't matter if you do everything right.  Whatever that means.

We remind athletes that we are concerned with athletic performance not bodybuilding.  When athletic performance is the goal one byproduct of that training is an improved body.  Of course genetics are a factor in both body composition and athletic performance.  If there is not a single person in your bloodline that is over 5'7" tall you probably won't make it to 6'2".  This doesn't mean you have to have the body or athletic performance ability of your parents.  Especially if your parents were never committed to training, eating optimally for performance or had poor health habits. 

We don't have control over everything.  We do have control over how we train, what we eat, and how much sleep we get.  Unless your goal is to win a bodybuilding contest we advise to train for athletic performance.  The benefits of functional training outweigh the benefits of bodybuilding and you'll still look good in a t-shirt!

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