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Hang power clean 3-3-3-3-3-3-3 reps


The Workout Enigma  Can anyone please explain to me why the leading health commentators from London are always from the Royal Veterinary College in London?  Leave your explanation in the comments section.  The article basically states that some people don't respond as expected to exercise, but should exercise anyway because it's good for them.  Go figure.  The article doesn't explain very much about the testing or what training methodology was used.

Meditation Fit For A Marine  That's right!  Now even Marines are using a form of meditation called Mindfulness.  All forms of meditation strive for mindfulness.  The use of the word "mindfulness" is probably used to take the negative, "hippy" feel out of the word "meditation". 

"The results of the Marines’ experiences, published in the peer-reviewed scientific journal Emotion, showed that the men who embraced meditation walked out of pre-deployment training with minds that were more agile than those who didn’t. They also reported improved athletic performance, relief from anxiety, better sleep, and stronger memory. “I wasn’t scatterbrained anymore,” says Major Jeff Davis, a 39-year-old infantry officer. “I had no problem concentrating when I was upset.”—Vanessa Gregory for Men's Journal  (Bold, underlined in above quote is our emphasis)



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  1. Kenneth Kelly

    Journalists have certain “go to” people that they turn to for comments. If you read the same journalists over time, you are going to read the same “sources” over and over.

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