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5 rounds for time of:

10 Sumo Deadlift High Pull (95/75#)

10 Burpees




The Sectional Experience and Observations

By Lisa


It's been a week since the CrossFit NY/NJ Sectional.  It was quite a weekend and while things are still fresh on my mind I wanted to convey some thoughts.

I met some very talented athletes and the judges and other volunteers at Guerrilla Fitness in Monclair, New Jersey were outstanding as well.  Greg Arsenuk and his crew did a wonderful job.  It could not have been easy though they made everything run smoothly.  The staff also made you feel that they wanted you to do well.  It was a class act all around. 

The support shown by the athletes, their friends and their family members made for awe inspiring energy.  It was great to see such a show of participation and support for the event especially considering how cold it was in the morning.  In the CrossFit community the support shown for athletes during the games is really something to see.  The cheering and encouragement for the athlete who continues to "fight" even when he/she is having a difficult time, is nothing short of phenomenal.  It definitely helps one get through the workouts!

I'm very proud of the other athletes from my box, Pat Carroll, Pat Amato, Mike Denicola, Mike Voight and Ryan Audley.  Ryan just started training a couple of months ago, but threw his hat in the ring anyway!  These guys worked hard, competed hard and did well!  It was an honor competing at the same event with them.

I spoke to a couple of woman who were contemplating participating in the games in the future, but had some reservation.  I would encourage anyone who CrossFits to participate in the Sectionals.  One concern I heard was the age factor.  I'm 43 and women in their 30's were concerned that they were too old.  You're only "too old" if you think you are.  Sure, age is a factor, but you shouldn't let it stop you from competing.  In my own case, besides being over 40 and the mother of three, I have something known as RSD–a permanent nerve damge injury to my right foot.  The nerve damage has left my foot both atrophied and hyper-sensitive–there is ALWAYS pain.  The atrophy has left me with structural imbalances between the left and right side of my body which leads to other problems and pain.  I've had several surgeries to my right foot and leg including one last November.  Unfortunately, there are more to follow.  I take medication that leaves me virtually non-functioning for a good part of the day.  I also have a reduced breathing capacity and asthma from taking part in the recovery effort at the World Trade Center site after September 11th 2001.  The point of this is: If anyone has an excuse not to train, much less compete, it's me.  The truth of the matter is training has helped reduce the negative affects of further atrophy and dysfunction.  Competing gives me a goal to continue training and improving.  It's also a temporary distraction from the pain.  CrossFitting has been my personal rehab.  If you want to compete then do it.  Don't allow the meaningless, negative "chatter" in your head to drown out the thought of challenging yourself!

I have to thank my friends from our "box" and the guys who represented CrossFit Suffolk and their wives for their support and keeping me focused when distraction reared its ugly head.

I couldn't help but notice how some of the top performers were so composed and relaxed throughout the weekend.  Specifically Denise Thomas (2nd place), Jennifer Hunter(3rd place) and Dennis Marshall(7th place).  While in the athletes room prior to or between events Jennifer and Dennis, both of CrossFit I3E in Huntington (soon to be in Garden City, NY) were a picture of serenity.  They spoke to the other athletes or listened to music and you couldn't tell from looking at them or talking to them that they were competing.  Denise spoke to many of the athletes and was advising competitors to "relax and have fun".  She also offered helpful insight to some of the athletes as to their performance.

If I was going to do anything different I would bring two of my own jump ropes, not just one.  My jump rope broke during the warm up–not good. The Navy SEALS have a saying: "Two is one and One  is none"…I found this out the hard way!  This left me at the mercy of what was available–using equipment that wasn't for my size.  I would prepare better for what to eat between workouts.  I was concerned about having anything in my stomach so I ate almost nothing during the day.  Lastly, I would push myself harder in training and work on my weaknesses more.  {Editors Note:  Having watched Lisa prepare for the Sectionals I seriously doubt that she could have pushed herself any harder or worked on "weaknesses" any more than she did without suffering from exhaustion…and I have a whole bunch of athletes who will back me on this!-GD}

The Sectional was a rewarding experience and I'm very glad I competed.


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