CROSSFIT SUFFOLK   ***  Forging Elite Fitness

SPARTAN PERFORMANCE   ***  Strength and Conditioning


1 round for time:

100' Sled Push

500 Meter Row

4 Tire Flips

25 Tire Hits

20 Burpees

800 Meter Run (or 40 KB swings)




 The More You Lift, The Worse You Look?  Excellent article by one of the best….Dan John for TNation.com!

 Lessons In Survival  "In a laboratory, it's extremely difficult to study why some people are better at bouncing back than others because it's so hard to simulate the real stresses and strains of life. Scientists can show people scary pictures or movies to trigger their reactions and measure how they recover, but it's hardly the same as a mugger in an alley or a grizzly bear on a hiking trail. Dr. Andy Morgan of Yale Medical School set out to find a real-world laboratory where he could watch people under incredible stress in reasonably controlled conditions."—Ben Sherwood for Newsweek.com—

This article was referenced in Craig Weller's article Your Brain On Stress which we re-posted yesterday.

Land On Your Toes, Save Your Knees  While the article instructs the athlete to "land on the toes" they mean land on the "ball of the foot"–not the tips of the toes.  While the article doesn't particularly address the exercise it seems the advice given is especially good when performing box jumps!


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