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 Snatch 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 reps


CrossFit Olympic Cert (Snatch) from dan staton on Vimeo.


 Squat Like You Mean It: Tips For A Deeper Squat  By Tony Gentilcore for TNation.com  "The ability to successfully perform a deep squat is a fairly good indicator of one's overall fitness level and movement quality. Is it the end all, be all? Absolutely not, but it ranks right up there. 

Squatting, for all practical purposes, is a complex movement that requires stability of the trunk and mobility of the extremities through constantly changing tension and position. 

Moreover, the ability to perform a picture perfect (deep) squat pattern demonstrates that someone has proper ankle dorsiflexion, hip flexion, thoracic extension, and glute activation……"Tony Gentilcore

The Real Truth About Those "Healthy Whole Grains"  "So if you absolutely have to include grains as part of your diet, you must soak or ferment them. Today’s quick-rise breads and extruded cereals and all of those other “healthy” whole grain products do not neutralize the antinutrients. But a real soaked or sprouted bread does cut down on these components. Grains should also be consumed with fat-containing foods such as cream, butter, or raw cheese to help your body absorb the vitamins and minerals that are available.

Of course, there is still the gluten component to deal with. And I still advise removing grains from your diet, especially gluten containing grains, as difficult as that may be."—Fitness Spotlight

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