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As Many Rounds As Possible (AMRAP) in 20 minutes of:

10 Ring Dips

10 Kettlebell swings (54/36#)

20 Double Unders


Skill Work:  Rope Climb



Two New Ways To Keep Your Mind Sharp

Price of Obesity: $147 Billion For Health Care  We were at a local chain-restaurant recently for a "cheat" meal and were disgusted by the amount of people who were not just overweight, but completely obese.  We're talking about people in their 20's under six feet tall weighing over 250 pounds.  Mush, not muscle.  We estimated one young lady to be approximately 5'4" and well over 300 pounds.  As we walked to our table the other patrons could be heard asking one another what we fit folks were doing in their restaurant.  Actually that didn't really happen, but we did feel like invaders from the Land of Fitness.

Seriously, many of the patrons of the restaurant on that particular night are the ones who will end up with the diseases and health issues described in the article.  It doesn't have to be this way.  There is so much sound nutritional information available…there is no need to commit slow, long-term suicide using a fork, a spoon and a knife.

The Power Of Positive Thinking

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  1. Justaxfitter

    Interesting article about the cost of obesity. It seems our government is so hell bent on changing health care to save money, but they completely ignore the cost of adverse personal behavior. I suspect this cost estimate is much greater than the article suggests. If people eat right and exercise enough, they will be less likely to have a variety of ailments that may not be tied directly to obesity, but rather to poor nutrition and lack of exercise.

  2. George

    I agree.
    Obesity is just one of the problems associated with the bigger picture of consuming “food” that should not be consumed and spending a good portion of the day barely moving at all.

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