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Five rounds for time of:
5 Muscle-ups
135 pound Power clean, 10 reps
Run 200 meters 

 Post time to comments.

Scale:  Modify muscle-ups and reduce weight on Power clean as necessary.



The Plague Of Mediocre Athletes: No Glutes Equals No Results 

 Study: Scientists Find A Way To Trigger Fat-Burning Fat

Working Overtime Could Kill You   We have a bit of a problem with this one.  We believe it's the things that go along with working overtime that kill.  To its credit the report does have the following qualifier:

 "The researchers point out, however, that the results only show an association, not a direct causal link, so more research is needed to firm up the findings."

Also to its credit the report says that one of the factors that could be involved is a lack of sleep.  As someone who worked overtime on a regular basis our best guess to what kills those who work long shifts is lack of sleep and a poor diet.  The lack of sleep is obvious.  If one works an 11 hour shift we have to account for tavel time, home responsibility time and unwind time.  Doesn't leave a whole lot of time for sleeping.  My co-workers and I used mantras like, "Plenty of time for sleep when we're dead."  Little did we know!  People who are prone to work overtime, for some reason, are often the ones who "don't have time to prepare meals".  They usually have a steady diet loaded with high glycemic food, low protein, low healthy-fat combined with processed, sugar-laden snacks washed down with lots of soda or coffee ("regular..milk, two sugars").  It is our observation that these people rarely drink water.  The meals could best be described as aggressively Anti-Paleo.  I was considered a "health-freak" at work because I packed meals from home and they included…..fruit, vegetables and (yuck!) water. 

We'd like to see a similar study done where the subjects work overtime, but get 8 hours of sleep a night,  use the Paleo or Primal style of eating, and get a few days of brief, intense workouts in per week.  We believe overtime won't be nearly as deadly under these circumstances.


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  1. When I’m on stretches of days with long hours, I tighten up my diet. It goes against all my inner desires, but I know it to be best in the long run. When I know those times are approaching, I plan ahead and cook extra “meals” and pack more food. Don’t let the environment out there dictate what and when you eat!!

  2. George

    Justa: Maybe it’s me, but sometimes I think “They” don’t want us to be healthy!
    Lou: That’s what separates those truly in good shape and everyone else! Great job…hopefully your co-workers are being influenced by you example!

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