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For time:
150 Wallball shots, 20 pound ball

The Mysterious Matt S.  To the "Night Crew" "Matt S." is just a name on the board…with impressive lifts and times next to his name.  Well, here you go, a photo to prove Matt isn't just urban legend! 


You bet he's happy….Herbie is the latest member of The Muscle-Up Club!  Congratulations!!


A Primal Primer: Prebiotics

Black Belt Endures 24 Hour "Battle" In Holland

Muscle Control 


ONLY 2 DAYS UNTIL****** Jeff Martone from Tactical Athlete will be local for the CROSSFIT KETTLEBELL CERTIFICATION in BABYLON, NY May 16 & 17!  For more info click here.  Jeff was one of the first Kettlebell Instructors in the country and is the best of the best!  Jeff doesn't get to do this Certification in the Northeast very often so jump on this while you can! 

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