CROSSFIT SUFFOLK   ***  Forging Elite Fitness

4 rounds for time:

5 Press

5 Weighted Pull-ups

5 Weighted Ring Dips

Scale Down:  Appropriate version of pull-ups and dips

Scale Up: Add a legless rope climb to each round.


The amazing thing is not that they can, but that Herbie and Steve actually sound good singing opera tunes while doing double unders!P8044486

How-To: Proper Pushup Technique  Mark Sisson, like CrossFit, says to go chest to the ground.  Neither recommends going chest-ALMOST-to ground or chest-somewhere-in-close-proximity-to-the-ground.  Oh and did I mention that when doing push-ups the proper range of motion is CHEST-TO-THE-GROUND!

85 Things That Make You Say WTF?!?!  Humorous….even #30 and #46! 

Jiu-Jitsu Thrives In The Championship Rounds  David Corrigan makes good points regarding the Sonnen-Silva UFC fight last Saturday.  What will always impress me is how the style of Brazilian Jiujitsu makes the practitioner so dangerous from a position that most people think is the most vulnerable–on the ground, on your back.  The article focused on a pro-MMA fight, but consider the self-defense scenario where you are knocked to the ground.  Most real attacks start while the attacker and the target are standing.  Going to the ground isn't a good option, BUT you are likely to find yourself there.  Having options for efficient attack-stopping techniques while on your back is essential.  Where you'll find such options is in the realm of Brazilian Jiujitsu, even if it's as simple as learning the proper (safest) way to get back to your feet.

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