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Deadlift 5-5-5-5-5 reps

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For inspiration:  Lamar Gant once deadlifted 661 lbs. at a bodyweight of 132 lbs….5 times his bodyweight!!



How To Quit Grains  "What, then, is the point to all this grain madness? Is there a good reason for anyone (with access to meat, fruit, and vegetables, that is) to rely on cereal grains for a significant portion of their caloric intake?

The answer is unequivocally, undeniably no. We do not need grains to survive, let alone thrive. In fact, they are naturally selected to ward off pests, whether they be insects or hominids. I suggest we take the hint and stop eating them."—Mark Sisson, Why Grains Are Unhealthy


When we're asked about nutrition, eating to improve performance or losing weight, invariably the conversation turns to eliminating grains from the diet.  This is often met with a blank stare.  Then we use terms more recognized: eliminate bread, pasta and rice. 

The formerly blank stare usually turns into a glare of white hot anger.  Sometimes people become emotionally attached to food.  What the hell am I supposed to eat?

One friend was about to come over his desk to strangle me when I suggested he stop eating bagels.  A year later his doctor ordered him to stop eating bagels.  Our friend was diagnosed with diabetes.  We're not suggesting that the bagels caused the diabetes, but our friend's diet consisted of, like many Americans, mostly bread, pasta and rice with a little meat. Veggies and fruit are consumed occassionally.

Allow us to clear up a few misconceptions:  Bread is bread whether it is "healthy" whole wheat or some other nicely marketed processed food.  Rice cakes are NOT a healthy snack.  Oatmeal is grain.  "Healthy" brown rice is still rice–a grain.

Be sure to read Mark Sisson's How To Quit Grains and the link within that article, Why Grains Are Unhealthy.


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  1. arod

    I’m three weeks in now since i cut grains and dairy out of my diet. I tried to cut grains once before this year, but made it two weeks before i thought about committing homicide. I think that experience help me decid to try again. The fact that something had that much control over my mood and subsequently, my thoughts was a bit frightening. In my experience, week 1 goes smoothly, week 2 the fluctuations in emotions emerge and your patience wane as you realize that you didn’t research enough and are now stuck eating the same bland meals. Week three closed this time ok. I notice i eat all the time. I never realized how much bread fills me up. Memorial day, i didn’t stop eating cause i never touched hotdog or hamburger bun. I think people get caught up in thinking, “how can i never eat bread again.” The idea i go with is that im going to try one week, then two, then three, and at a month ill evaluate how i feel. If you want a mental task and want to see if you can endure i recommend this endeavor, but don’t feel you are alone in doing it. This time around i have used the internet to find tips, recipes, all types of shit to keep me moving. If you really want to get motivated to change your diet, i recommend reading the books or watching the documentaries Food Inc. and Fast Food Nation. I don’t want to be a food snob, but it is amazing what is being done to the american public right under our noses. This should resonate with alex and chris vamos, they are always talking conspiracies and how ron paul is going to lead us to the promise land. Jk. lots of love,

  2. Justa

    I virtually never have grains any more. I’ve found it to be a lot easier than I would have thought. I think a big key is to get enough fat in your diet. Between the fats and protein, I don’t have the types of hunger or cravings I did when I ate a lot of grains.
    When people treat me as if I’m nuts for eliminating grains, I ask the one question:
    If grains are so healthy and are supposed to be part of a diet that promotes health, why are cattle sent to feedlots to eat a load of grains in order to get fattened up before slaughter? They feed them grains to get them fat. Get it?

  3. George

    Arod & Justa,
    Thanks for the feedback.
    Arod-You’re the third person this week to reference Food, Inc.–I have to see it!
    Justa-I like the cattle reference! I’m going to use that… giving you full credit!!

  4. arod

    If you have netflix, it is listed under the instant dvds. Grab your laptop and bang it out. It is work it. Luckily, down here we have a ton of farmer’s markets to choose from.

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