CROSSFIT SUFFOLK   ***  Forging Elite Fitness


Three rounds for time of:
30 Kettlebell swings, 1.5 pood
25 Wall ball shots, 20 pound ball
20 Pull-ups

Best times posted by CrossFit.com HQ range from 7:40-13:18



Top Ten fasting Myths Debunked  Absolutely must read!  Martin Berkhan does a masterful job of slicing through much of the nonsense that is bandied about by nutritional "know-it-alls".  Read this because YOU currently believe at least two of the items on this list and Berkhan backs up his debunking with real results and sound research!  Yeah…I'm talking to you!

Why Grains Are Unhealthy  If there's one food group in the diet that many people have an emotional attachment to it's grains.  Explain to certain folks why they shouldn't eat bread, pasta and rice and they will shout, become violent, cry, whine and complain.  Well maybe not cry, but you know what I mean.  Read this and understand it…even if you don't always want to follow the advice.  In the very least you should be knowledgeable about what you're putting into your body.


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