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30 Muscle-ups for time

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If you cannot do the muscle-ups do 120 pull-ups and 120 dips.

Compare to 080926.

Jose and my brother, Matt from Crossroads Machine



Exciting times at CrossFit Suffolk!  We're up and running at the new gym.

I need to thank "my team" as we could not have made this happen on our own.

For my pull up bars:  My "big" little brother Matt.  I showed him a photo of what I wanted and he made it happen better than I thought was possible.  Matt and his co-worker from Crossroads Machine in Deer Park, Jose, spent long hours on the bars.  They treated the project like it was a work of an art, not a piece of exercise equipment and it shows.

For cutting and trimming the stall mats:  Billy Marino, owner of Pantera Renovations.  I tried cutting the stall mats with a utility knife.  It's a daunting task.  I summoned Billy for help and he did in three hours what would have taken me days.  Billy took on the task like every other project I've seen him take on, with attention to detail and high quality work.  Billy has built my front steps, my masonry for a wood burning stove, my deck and has fixed numerous things in and around my house, including my car.  There are no construction or repair jobs out of his realm and you won't find better quality work done in a timely fashion.  Billy also has great ideas for CrossFit facility construction and he is custom building my plyo boxes.

For helping me place the mats: Devin.  He came out on Friday night to "wrestle" with those mats, a workout in and of itself.

For coming up with the best way to place the mats: Larry.  Larry's an engineer so he came up with the plan to how to place each individual mat and what order to place them in so we would have the fewest cuts.

Special mention to Jon Gilson of Again Faster and Bill Henninger of Rogue Fitness.  Not only did we receive our equipment in speedy fashion and without any problems at all, but these gentlemen were always available to answer questions we had. 

Special mention to the CrossFit community at large.  The Message Board from the main site was an invaluable tool.  I continue to reach out to complete strangers in the CrossFit community who always answer my questions in great detail and quickly.

Thank you all!!

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