CROSSFIT SUFFOLK   ***  Forging Elite Fitness



10 rounds for time of:
15 ft Rope Climb, 1 ascent
95 pound Back squat, 29 reps
135 pound barbells Farmer carry, 10 meters

Begin the rope climbs seated on the floor.


Capt david thompson 
Army Captain David J. Thompson


The Side Press: A Guaranteed Improvement In Strength And Flexibility  "Now the side press is helping us in three areas as opposed to two with the deadlift—shoulder strength/mobility, lower back strength, and hamstring strength/flexibility. All are critical to the overhead press. Lack in one area and you’ll never hit your full potential.'—Chris Davis for Elite Fitness Training Systems



We don't take health advice from obese medical doctors with a cigarette smoking habit.  We don't take financial advice from those in a constant state of being broke. We don't take fitness advice from people who are morbidly deconditioned and make no attempt to improve.

Call me crazy.

One of our 20-something, quite capable, female athletes was given the following advice, in sum and substance:

"You shouldn't be working out the way you do.  You don't look "toned", you're starting to get muscles like a man."

"Women shouldn't lift weights.  You should just use the eliptical."

"You're crazy for wanting your "six-pack" to show.  That's not for women." 

"You shouldn't swim.  Women who swim look like guys."

When we inquired about the age, gender, appearance and fitness credentials of the person offering the free advice we were not shocked.

Mid-twenties.  Female.  Obese.  Not currently working out and doesn't appear she ever did.

We don't believe everyone should live life the way we do or subscribe to our beliefs.  We don't believe there is one "look" or body type that makes a woman beautiful. 

We do, however, despise when an out-of-shape, no discipline, half-wit attempts to make someone trying to better themselves feel bad for doing so.  We are amused by the "expert" know-it- alls who love to demonstrate their ignorance out loud.

Our free advice spouting "fitness expert" was brazen enough to show her own flabby, stretch marked abdomen (not from child birth) and tell our athlete that she was going to take care of her body with a "tummy tuck".

If only we could teleport ourselves and "materialize" on location during this conversation!  The conversation would probably go something like this:

Me:  Ohhhh.  So let me get this straight.  Weight lifting, doing bodyweight exercises and running is no good because you won't get "toned", but "toning" your stomach through cosmetic surgery is peachy?  How does that work exactly? 

Know-it-all:  Well, I…

Me:  Ohhhh.  So plastic surgery scars are in, but the look of strength and conditioning is icky?  Welllll, okay, good luck with that!

Things to consider…..talk among yourselves:

1)  I don't mind that you're obese (as long as I don't have to rescue you during an emergency) why do mind that some women enjoy being fit?

2)  Athletic women come in a variety of shapes and sizes.  The important thing is that they are training like athletes.  You don't have to, but don't insult those who are.  The athletic ones will be the ones that save you in a crisis.

3)  What does "toned" actually mean?  Please provide photos or descriptions of "toned" women.

4)  If, as a woman, you could get huge muscles, like a male bodybuilder, bodybuilders the world over would be running to your door to get the "secret".

5)  Women who have extremely huge, "male bodybuilder" muscles probably use steroids.

6)  Women who claim to get "too big" from lifting weights are most likely self-conscious about their 'thick" body and definitely wrong about their muscles.

7)  There's nothing wrong with cosmetic surgery.  There is something wrong with believing hardcore physical fitness is bad, but cosmetic surgery in place of hard work and sweat is preferred.

8)  If you believe swimming will make you look like a guy please click: Amanda Beard (USA Olympic Swimmer) and Bia and Branca Feres (Brazilian Synchronized Swimmers).  Nuff said.

9)  Did you ever notice that women who are overly critical of other women's appearance believe every woman should look like them?  

10) Are some women mean to other women because of that whole evolution "it's in our DNA to compete with other women for a mate" thing or is there something else going on?

11) Please Google CrossFit Women and show me what, as a man or woman, you have a problem with. 

12) If you find a photo of an athletic woman that doesn't fit your ideal look, but they are active and healthy perhaps you should spend less time criticizing and more time working out.

13)  Please read You Are Beautiful by Jon Gilson of Again Faster.

As always, comments are welcomed and actually encouraged….especially if you DISAGREE.  Please feel free to use the "comment" button below.  It's relatively easy.  WARNING:  If you are going to comment to attract attention to your website have the courtesy of saying something humorous or interesting AND make an attempt to use proper grammer.  Thanks. 

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  1. Scientist

    Well put George…except you fighting a losing battle because you are trying to present a logical arguement to someone who has completely abandoned logic in favor of a lifestyle which is “easier” for them to stomach. I am sure if you were to return the favor and criticize what was wrong with their sedentary lifestyle you would be met with the usual group of excuses such as metabolism, big-boned, lack of time, etc…

  2. Lisa

    hey at work I used to work w/ people tht did nothing but watch and critized the way I ate…they bought in cake and donuts. They wld get angry at me becasue I didnt want to eat it. then when I would go workout out they wld tell me Im going to die the same way anyway! LOL retards! those are the same people tht turkey arms at a young age and think fast working will burn it all away! what I want to know is ..how that working for you?? 😉

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