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  1. Mike "devil dog"

    George nice workout. I will try it at home later and post my time. Yet again crossfit HQ didn’t think of gym owners or the normal crossfit athlete and posts a rediculous workout. I would like to know how many crossfit gyms have a 12′ wall to climb over handy, much less multiple ones so a few athletes can go at one time. I don’t know if I will make it in tomorrow but I am going to try, if not I will be there on monday night. Have a good weekend!

  2. George

    I like the “wall” events, but as you stated, most aren’t going to have access to a proper wall. That’s ok, we’ll always improvise, adapt and overcome!
    In the future we’ll have a complete “aerial obstacle course”…you have transverse every obstacle by climbing and walls specifically for jumping, walking and rappelling!
    Thanks for the heads up regarding the link…I’ll take care of it.

  3. George

    Good work Mike!
    Here’s some of the other times from today:
    Matt: 19:42(Rx’d)
    Steve: 27:00(Rx’d)
    Rich: 26:18(Rx’d with a 15’rope climb in between the other exercises!)
    Everyone else scaled it or modified it. One athlete added rope climbs, box jumps and overhead squats to the other 3 exercises!

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