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75 pound Power snatch, 75 reps for time.



"Much has been made of the fact that Simmons was the first officer killed in action in the 40-year history of the nationally respected LAPD SWAT team. The term “hero” has been applied many times in respect to his devotion to a duty that ended his life. Some say that he deliberately jumped in front of a wounded partner to prevent the man from being shot a second time. The partner, James Veenstra, survived a bullet in the face. Simmons is a hero either way. And if a more thorough investigation proves that he sacrificed his own life to save another, then the obvious protocol for a higher heroism applies. But there’s a more subtle application to the term too. A policeman knows that every time he enters a house under siege, his life is at risk — but he does it anyhow. We can assume that he does it because of his training, because of his sworn oath or because he’s just one of those guys who gets off on danger. But I think there’s another level to the ultimate risk: He does it because it’s part of a deeper instinct to save someone."—From the Official Randy Simmons Website


Randy Simmons and his family lived on Long Island for 10 of Randy's very young years.  Randy Simmons served with the LAPD from 1981 until his death in 2008.  Randy served as a member of the country's original and best SWAT team for 20 years.  That fact alone speaks volumes about the man. 

"Randy" is one of our favorite workouts.  The power snatch has much to offer in terms of athletic development, but we also enjoy this workout because we cannot get through it without being reminded of Randy Simmons.  By all accounts, Randy was a talented police officer, a devoted family man, a gifted athlete and he was involved in his community.  We never met Randy, but we wish we had.




Avoidance: It's "Self-Defense Technique" No.1  "Sensible, respectable, responsible, legitimate competition people all have essentially the same attitude toward becoming embroiled in unnecessary violence that properly trained combat trainees have: 

THEY  A V O I D IT!—-Bradley Steiner–




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