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30-25-20-15-10-5 rep rounds of:
GHD sit-up
Back extension
Knees to elbow
95 pound Stiff legged deadlift

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Some of us were discussing this video the other night.  It's humorous, but it also is an excellent display of art versus function within the martial art/combat sport environment.  Here's a hint: Function usually wins.  Enjoy!

Unintended Consequences-Fitness 

This post is from my good friend, Brian Willis of Winning Mind Training and his Excellence In Training blog.  The training Brian provides is geared toward law enforcement, but so much of what he teaches and writes about can be applied to anyone because it's about human performance. 

In Unintended Consequences-Fitness Brian takes a look at the negative impact of "collapsing" after a CrossFit workout.  After a "metcon" it's quite common to see an athlete crumple to the ground in exhaustion.  We've all been there.  Brian brings up a good point:  What if, as a police officer, you physically exert yourself, are in the habit of "collapsing in exhaustion" and then, suddenly, there is another threat.  Instead of being physically and mentally prepared to respond you are completely spent.  Getting into the habit of pushing yourself to complete exhaustion for the one known event inadvertently trains you not to be able to respond to a second, unknown event seconds after the first one.  In a sporting event this is acceptable.  In a life and death situation it could be deadly.

Now before you go on about it being impossible NOT to collapse in exhaustion after a metcon take a look at OFB (Original Fire-Breather) Greg Admunson doing the workout that "strikes fear in the heart of men"–"Fran". We've seen video of Greg performing Fran in several venues and even performing Heavy Fran (with 135lb. Thrusters and 45lb.weighted pull-ups) and after the workout Greg "rests" by placing one hand on a stationary object.  He doesn't lay down, doesn't sit down and he certainly doesn't collapse.  I know Greg is super-human, but if cut does he not bleed?  You get the point. 

Greg is a police officer and he's a soldier.  I don't know him personally and have not spoken with him, but I'm willing to bet he relates his CrossFit training to his survival.  Part of that survival mindset and conditioning is to be prepared always no matter what.  This may have something to do with the fact that he doesn't allow himself to collapse in exhaustion after a workout. 

Think about it, especially if you go into harm's way.

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  1. Hector D.

    I was watching a clip of the 2009 CrossFit games winner Mikko Salo. He feels that if he lays on his back after a metcon workout, he sees it as a sign of defeat. I found that to be pretty interesting. Regardless of your profession, one does not know what situations life may present. Good article George. See you at the box.

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