Perform 1 Push Press every 30sec. for 10 minutes. Starting weight is 95/65lbs – add 10/5lbs plates
(20/10 total) each minute. If you miss a rep you are allowed one more attempt. If you miss again,
remove the last added weight and continue. If you miss this weight remove weight again, etc. Record
highest completed weight.
21?15?9 of:
Ring Dips
For time.






 On Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday–that's November 22 and
23, there will ONLY be morning sessions at 9-10am and 10-11am.  There
will be NO 6:30-7:30am session and NO evening sessions on these two days.

Saturday, November 25th schedule will be the usual Saturday morning schedule.


Women, Training And Misconceptions  "……as you add in more and more cardio, cortisol levels rise, your thyroid
starts to shut down, and progesterone levels start to tank. All of this
sucks for weight loss and creates an environment where your body slows
its metabolism, holds on to fat, and retains mountains of water.
"—Jennifer Petrosino for Elite Fitness Systems

Dark Bedroom/Cold House  "Recently when I was telling someone that the college I attended later in
Europe didn't have such factory-farm-like housing and I did better
health-wise there, someone said "well, dorm-living is a rite of
passage." I kind of wanted to tell them off, tell them about how
miserable I was and how it kept me from doing my best, but I guess some
people are lucky and are able to endure it better. But the fact that the
next door clinic was always full of legions of the chronically sick and
the psychologists were constantly booked told me otherwise.
"—Melissa McEwan, Hunt Gather Love

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