SPARTAN PERFORMANCE                                           CROSSFIT SUFFOLK


10 minute AMRAP:

5 deadlifts, 225/150#

10 push-ups

15 sit-ups

Dan L. (shown here hovering) and Tim

Steve C.

Want Dinner On The Table Fast–Try Paleo Slow Cooking!
"Did you know…  You can make breakfast in a slow cooker?  How about bake
sweet potatoes?  And yes, even dessert!  Seriously, my mind was blown!
 Who knew?  Really, who needs a frittata when you can have a Sausage,
Mushroom and Spinach ‘Crock-tata’, and Jalapeno Sausage Hash?  When you
see the pictures you will completely understand – like, lick the page
worthy…   The soups and stews section holds recipes for bone broth,
Coconut Cream of Broccoli Soup, Classic Chicken Soup and so many more!
 And while were talking comfort foods; Fire-Roasted Meatloaf, Butternut
Squash Lasagna (yes, lasagna in a slow cooker!!), and Grandpa’s Saucy
Ribs are just a few of the main dish offerings."
Amy Kubal for RobbWolf.com

Quench Your Thirst Whole9 Style
“What can I drink besides water?” is probably on our top ten list of
Whole30 questions. A lot of people see water as boring and tasteless,
but aside from being one of the three things you need to actually stay
alive, water is a very versatile drink. Remember, you aren’t stuck with just
the stuff from the tap! Make drinking water more exciting by creating a
fancy-yet-simple spa-like concoction with herbs (think rosemary or
mint), citrus (lemon, lime, or orange), cucumbers, or fruit (like melon
or berries)."

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