10 rounds for time of:

3 Deadlifts (225/155#)

6 Handstand Push-ups

10 Double Unders




 High Carbohydrate Diets Impair Cardiac Performance

Community Supported Agriculture: How To Find And Join A CSA   "Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a way for consumers to buy local, seasonal produce directly from a farmer in their community. It is basically a farm share. A farmer offers a certain number of “shares” to the public. Local consumers buy a share into the farm – they support this year’s crop with money up front for a membership, and in exchange, each week during the growing season, they will receive a box of local, fresh, and seasonal produce directly from the farm."Amber Karnes via Robbwolf.com

Florida Girl Outwits Attacker; Florida Police Searching For Suspect[VIDEO]  Apparently this was the third girl in this area attacked.  In this case the 12 year old used good verbal/psychological strategy to stop her attacker.  In one of the other cases a 15 year old girl kicked the attacker in the head after he forced her to the ground.  In another incident a 15 year old girl was sexually assaulted.  While we didn't see details of the sexual assault we're willing to bet the victim in that case made no attempt to fight.  It's understandable, the girl was probably terrified and most likely the girl never thought about what she would do if she were attacked.  We point this out not to criticize the young lady, but to make others aware that the solution is to prepare for an attack before it happens. 

Sexual assault, sadly, isn't uncommon.  Some will say the girls shouldn't walk in isolated areas.  We say that may help, but girls/women have been attacked in their own homes or in public places not off the beaten path.  Relying on staying in "safe" places is a poor strategy.  Girls have been raped in public schools and active shooters have attacked in schools and churches, places traditionally thought of as "safe".  Better to accept the fact that there are evil people in the world and while we may never meet one, it's a good idea to have some sort of guidelines if your paths do cross.

We are not in the business of telling parents how to raise their children, but we do think it's a good idea for parents to discuss options and strategy with their children, especially girls, when it relates to the matter of self-protection.  The lesson doesn't have to be filled with fear or gory details.  Children just need to know that they have an absolute right to defend themselves and that they should trust their intuition, that "inner voice" that says something is wrong.  They also need to know that they will have the support of their parents when they do defend themselves.——————————–George——–


The top 4 for the Clean & Jerk WOD:

Each athlete lifted at least 20 lbs. above his bodyweight:

Scientist:   215

Dave:         210

Troy:         190

George:      175

Special mention to Ana, a new PR of 90 lbs.!


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