SPARTAN PERFORMANCE                                         CROSSFIT SUFFOLK


**Schedule change today:  Morning session 9am-10:00am.  NO 8am session today!!  Evening sessions are as usual! *****************


4 rounds for time of:

Power Clean, 10 reps (115/75#)

100ft. Overhead Lunge Walk (25/15#)




 Propio-what?  A Deeper Look At Balance And Stability   "When we look at minimal footwear or barefoot running, this foam pad is gone completely or reduced significantly.  Suddenly, you can’t cheat. You have to actively use the muscles inside the foot to stabilize. The absence or reduced cushioning in the shoe allows you to get better “feel”  - why do so many proponents of barefoot and minimalist running claim that they feel “free” or like they’ve “been released”…….? It’s simple – your foot gets more information from the surface you are on when you don’t have a big piece of compressible foam in the between. More information  = better muscle activation."University of Virginia Center for Endurance Sport

Are Athletes Smarter Than The Rest Of Us?   "In young people a lack of proprioception, I dare say, can lead to decreased self-esteem, more attention deficit, and a lack of problem solving skills. If learning a new skill increases brain matter, does this have anything to do with the learning issues of today’s children? This is why vigorous movement (no matter what it is) is so important for young people."Martha Peterson, Essential Somatics (Pain Relief Through Movement)

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