No P—ies


No P—ies

By Lee

Hyperfit USA , the CrossFit Affiliate in Ann Arbor, Michigan, uses the below sign for their affiliate:No_pussies

If you have seen this or you instantly know what it means then you probably don't have to read any further.

If you think it means "No Pussycats" then you're almost right.  The sign has nothing to do with cats at all.  It has everything to do with the other part of the word "pussycat".

Are you catching on yet?

Allow me to expand.  When I first saw the sign I was mildly amused, but after dealing with a certain type of person who thinks they want to CrossFit I've gained a new respect for the sign and what it stands for.  You see CrossFit can be for ANYone, but it's not for EVERYone.

If you care how you look to those around you, you don't like to sweat during a workout, or you just want to seem like your training then you should join one of the local globo gyms.  They have a place for you.  They will gladly take your money and not give a rat's hairy ass about what you do, how you train or what progress you are making.  You can watch TV in between your sets and if you are lucky you may even lose some muscle weight while remaining comfortably fat even if you consider yourself thin!

If you do decide on becoming a CrossFitter–Welcome!  CrossFit has a great community.  You'll find people looking to improve their level of wellness and fitness on a consistent basis.  They won't care how you look as you progress.  They will understand the growth, the moments of struggle, the faces you make as you push out those last reps.  Dripping sweat is appreciated not looked at in disgust.  It means you are working hard.  People will cheer for you to get through the workout of the day.  For the women who think that being sexy is getting "dolled up" and acting helpless, you're so wrong.  That doesn't fly here.  "Sexy" is lifting heavy, putting in a solid effort, pushing yourself beyond your comfort zone.  A solid performance is so much more attractive than trying to be "cute".  

It's not uncommon to find some of us nursing old injuries.  Serious injuries or medical conditions have some of us considered "disabled" by the rest of society.  Where we train it means the workout has to be modified a bit–and nothing more!  Some of us are young, some a bit more seasoned.  All have the same basic goals of achieving a higher level of fitness.  All have the same will to persevere.  No excuses.  Just trying to be better at life then we were the day before.   

If you're looking for a place to train that is dedicated to improving athletic performance (no need to be a participant in a "sport"), a method that serves functional fitness, a method that will help you in all facets of life then we have the place for you.  You'll find like-minded people….athletes of all caliber, training hard to be just a bit better than they were the day before.  You'll find dedication, commitment and the desire to achieve. 

If you happen to be a ..ughh…. a kittycat, there's a globo gym looking for new members not to train. 

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