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10 SNEAKY THINGS MAKING YOU FAT                                                                                            



Workout of the Day

It’s time for the Strength and Skill Work session.  This is done to familiarize you with some of the implements of strength that we don’t get to use often and to work on skills that are more elusive.   The alternative to working on these skills is a 3-mile run for time.

Tire Flip
Atlas Stone Carry
Sled Pull
Muscle Ups

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

22 Responses

  1. Ben B.

    Luis: Why is she beating me?!
    Tiffany: Why is his shirt so coordinated with his shoes? I can’t look at him, I’m out!

  2. Bevin

    Good morning. Awesome article, thanks George. Why would anyone rather run 3 miles than do skill work? That’s crazzzzzy.

  3. Jon B

    Caption/story: Everyone gets into their own mental state during a WOD.
    Tiffany becomes a Pleasantville soccer mom with 2.5 kids and a mini van who is power walking at charity event to raise money for the hairless Meerkat.

    Louis becomes the Son of Sam chasing down his next kill.

  4. George

    Great start to the Caption Workout! I literally laughed out loud when I read Jon’s!

    Bevin–2 reasons: (1) Some folks have upper body injuries that may keep them from the strength/skill work and (2) some people just don’t get it.

  5. Al

    Tiffany: Yeah…. Sorry…. Not interested…. Really it’s not you I’m just not looking for a relationship right now. Gotta go

    Louis: wait…..come back….. What if I told you I I can do a bar muscle up? Would that change your mind?

  6. Trojan Warrior

    Tiffany: “fuckkk I have to poop….I have to poop…..”

    Luis: “what the… that…?! Gross….”

  7. Kelly R

    Why wouldn’t someone want to run the 3 miles?

    It’s gorgeous out! Headphones on!
    Yup I ran the 3 miles.

    Happy w my decision

  8. Mandy

    I like running. Doesn’t sound like a bad option. Running and listening to music is relaxing and makes me feel good!

  9. Jen D

    I’d rather stab my eyeballs out than run 3 miles. But then again.. I would also like to eat Buffalo Wild Wings every night w a Hershey sundae pie from Burger King and still lose weight …So maybe I have a problem!

    All of that is obviously what Tiffany is thinking … Not me!
    Actually I meant Luis… Not Tiffany! Tiffanys face shows she clearly doesn’t mind the running.

  10. Bevin

    I used to LOVE running. 15 half marathons and a full done. Till I found crossfit. Now I cringe when it’s on a WOD. Maybe I need to do it more again?

  11. George Demetriou

    Sorry..I couldn’t decide on this one. Ben’s, Katy’s, Jon’s, Al’s and Jen’s had me cracking up.

    You guys are getting pretty good at this! Maybe we should have “Caption This” every day!?!?

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