Congratulations on your wedding Leonardo!


Congratulations to this young man for being the reigning Hang From The Pull-Up Bar Champion, so far!  He stayed on the bar for 4:10 seconds without putting his feet down or letting go!



ANNOUNCING THE CROSSFIT SUFFOLK SUMMER PARTY 2015!!  Cindy and Abby were kind enough to host the party at their house in beautiful Bay Shore.  There’s a swimming pool and hot tub so bring the appropriate swim wear.  The party is Saturday August 8th 2015 at 5 pm until late.  This will be the social event of the summer…the one everyone will be talking about.  Don’t miss out.  Plan now!  Mark it on your calendar.  Put it in your cell phone. There is a sign-up sheet in the gym.  If you plan on attending get your name on the sign-up sheet.  See me or Cindy or Abby for further details or if you have questions.—George Summer Party     THE 100 DAY SQUAT CHALLENGE: 8 LESSONS  LEARNED FROM 100 DAYS OF SQUATTING  No.  We’re not initiating a 100 Day Squat Challenge.  This article is definitely worth your time though.  The fascinating part isn’t that the author, Brad Dieter, squatted for 100 straight days.  The fascinating read is what he learned along the way and when everything was said and done.  Fortunately, Mr. Dieter shared his experience.

Workout of the Day

7 minute EMOM (Every Minute On the Minute)

Power Snatch + Hang Power Snatch


6 rounds for time of:

10 Dumbbell Power Snatch 40/30#, 5L/5R

10 Box Jumps 24/20″

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

11 Responses

  1. lisa D

    Congrats Leonardo!! So happy for you!!! And that is a very nice picture !! 🙂

    It was very fascinating to me to see that Lil Man hold onto the bar and beat his own record as well as everyone else’s in the gym!! LOL I only wish I had that on video!!! Way to go champ!! Keep up the good work! XO

  2. Ben B.

    Austin is unreal and just a figment of my imagination dreamed up to taunt me into hanging from the bar until I die.

    Congrats Lenny!! 4 o’clock misses you!

    And there is no way I’m missing this party, come hell or high water, I’ll be there!

    1. Andy

      Don’ get me started Ben lol.
      I want to “hang” out with him next time he does this so I can pick his brains and get pointers on how to hit my 5 minute mark.

  3. Kerri W

    Congrats Lenny!!!
    I witnessed Austin do this yesterday! Very impressive!!
    Speaking of Austin, that is where I will be the weekend of the summer party! Have fun everyone!

  4. John H

    You Fool…lol, best wishes brother.
    that stare from Austin is directed at you. he’s thinking “Ben who…and I can do this all day old man”

  5. Leonardo

    I’m waiting to see my bride and used my alone time to check the blog. Lol. Thanks everyone!

    Ben. I miss you guys too.

    Austin is no joke. I don’t think I’ll even attempt that now.

  6. Bevin

    Congratulations Lenny!

    Austin is no joke. His first hang was over 3 minutes on the same night! It was just his warm up I guess 😉 Ben it gives you something to strive for right? 🙂

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