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Tomorrow is the Navy SEAL Lt. Michael P. Murphy 4 Mile Run Around The Lake at Lake Ronkonkoma!  A bunch of us are doing the run as we do every year.  You can register there, but you probably won’t get one of the race t-shirts.  It’s a good run for a good cause!  Click HERE for more info.




Annmarie and Jenna R. are competing this Sunday at the STRONG IS BEAUTIFUL COMPETITION!  The event is hosted by CrossFit Mettleworks and will take place at the Constatino Brumidi Lodge 2075 Deer Park Avenue, Deer Park, NY 11729 from 9 am to 5 pm.  Click HERE for further info and to see the workouts they have to do.  This is a women only/2-person team competition!  Good luck Annmarie and Jenna!!



Workout of the Day
7 minute EMOM:
Clean & Jerk

10 rounds for time of:
5 Inverted Rows
10/5 Push-ups

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

45 Responses

  1. Jon B

    *In an Australian accent* CRIKEY! Do you see that!! It’s the elusive bear back Crossfit male in his natural habitat being pursued by two Crossfit women. I set up this camera to capture the unique mating ritual in which the male runs and sweats for 30 minutes while being chased by the females. If the females catch him before he yells time, he is theirs for the taking!!

  2. lisa

    Jon B…ROTLFMAO!!! thats great!!! you always come up with the funniest stuff!! XO

    John H- your too funny with your witty comments!! LMAO

  3. lisa

    all the best of luck to Jenna and AnnMarie tomorrow!! go get em girls! have fun !! 🙂

    I know you both will do really well…just stepping up speaks volume! good luck!

  4. Cindy

    lMAO….. Maybe if I wasn’t married and a “SEASONED” athlete I would have been running right next to Troy and not trailing so far behind….in my next life….

  5. beth

    Troy is thinking…hmm the daughter is young and energetic but the mom could teach me the way to really please a woman…..

  6. Kelly R

    George you have opened a can of worms! Omg!

    Can someone please comment “hubba hubba” so I’m not the old married woman w 3 ??kids commenting on Troy with no shirt on.

    Great thanks!

    1. Lauren

      John, I am NOT in the whore club, I just do the recruiting. I am, however, the president of the “bitch” club.

      Thank you!

    1. George Demetriou

      Sorry Dana! You should blame your best pal though. She has a unique way of making anything about you…which is always hilarious. Remember Dana, we’re not laughing at you, we’re laughing near you.

  7. Al

    that’s just a photo of Troy running through the “whore clubs” mind all day. You must must be tired Troy! You must be tired!

  8. George

    My goodness…what have I done?

    You all know how sensitive I am. This commentary is deeply disturbing. Is this an example of female locker room talk?

    I don’t blush, but today I am

    Disturbing. Deeply disturbing.

    I am, however, thankful that Abby didn’t comment. Her comment would, no doubt, cause me to shut down today’s comments.

  9. The Runner formally known as Troy

    So yea…..I saw all the posts and blushed and started hysterically laughing at once. You are all super ridiculous and funny as shit. Pops I blame you….don’t start saying you regret posting the picture, you knew coming in! But def the best shit I seen all day. Thanks for making my day! Bahahaha!

  10. George

    Troy has been duly notified. There will be a press conference this evening. Troy will be answering questions..with his shirt on.

  11. Cindy

    Although I try to keep Abby in line, most if the time I am unsuccessful …. God knows I have tried over the years…If Abby did post what she was thinking ,George you know you would have had to take down the site….lol

  12. George Demetriou

    Any other caption submissions?? Get them in. As I see it, there’s a toss up between Jon B.’s caption and Al’s caption.

    What say you?

  13. Ben B.

    I knew I couldn’t compete once I read Jon’s comment this morning, but I think he’s singing in his head, ” the ladies, the ladies, they love me!”

  14. Kelly R

    What about Beth’s comment!!

    And there you have it George post a picture of a man with no shirt and this blog gets some action.

    We could have a record here for number of comments

  15. George

    Thank you all for your participation today!

    Congratulations! You’re all a part of CrossFit Suffolk history–this is the most comments we’ve ever had in a single day! This is the 41st comment. Nobody can ever take this honor away from you, remember that.

    After much debate and careful consideration we have decided that Jon B. is the caption winner for today. Al and Beth were second and third.

    If we had a category for most shocking or most deviant, clearly, Beth would be the winner! Kudos to you Beth!!

    Thank you all for taking the time. Assuming i can shake off some of what was said here today, I’m sure I’ll enjoy these comments for some time to come.

    In the spirit of furthering conversation and intelligent debate we will try to feature shirtless athletes on a somewhat regular basis.

    Good night all!

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