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  1. George Demetriou

    Is this what we’ve come to?

    Back in my day, when you completed a Spartan Race you were photographed with the filthy clothes you raced in. You stood there covered in sweat, mud and blood. It served as a reminder to what you just endured. There was no impressing your FB friends with your sense of fashion.

    Oh. by the way Jenna, nice tank top!

  2. George

    Right now the only thing saving Andy from my full wrath is that he didn’t shave for the photo op. Had he shaved all would have been lost. He’d be facing certain banishment from the tribe.

  3. Dana

    all i know is when i did the spartan race that i had mud in places i never knew possible.. and we had no way of changing…just drove home in straight up mud, poison ivy and broken legs – right George! lmao
    Good Job guys!!!!

  4. Al

    Andy owns shirts? Next I’ll find out George owns a thigh master, John B trains with a shake weight and my childhood dog Butkus wasn’t sent to a farm.

  5. JaneM

    Mice job Jenna and Andy. I am hoping that the picture was taken before the race. No one looks that good after a Spartan race. And you look mah-valous.

    Kelly, congrats on the milestone and the remarkable improvement and transformation.

    Geo, feel free to yell at me if Lauren’s kids aren’t around and even if they are.

  6. John H

    Andy cleaning up at the hoses after the race lend to some of the best sights
    Jenna good job
    Katy- George still hasn’t forgot
    Al – hopefully Butkus was old and not just a pain in the ass
    Jane- can I yell at you as well?
    Oh and Jon B is a master of the shake weight especially the big Jim

  7. Andy

    Hahahahahha George I am dying. Next time I will have a full beard and covered in mud, blood, sweat and tears just for you!

    Kelly and Al it is a rare sight seeing me in a shirt and clothes, i felt awkward the whole time I was forced to wear the restraints people call clothing.

    Jane and Dana thank you!!!! =)

    John there were so many things I saw and enjoyed and saw and didn’t want to see….

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