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  1. Kelly R

    In continuing yesterdays comments:
    I’m pretty sure the light goes off
    Yes trees were killed
    What a beautiful day out!

    You guys have me cracking up

  2. George

    Kelly–I don’t think the people realize you’re referencing the whiteboard notes from yesterday since only 4 of us read the notes, but I could be wrong.

    What trees were killed and why?

    I think the light goes off in the fridge too, but what if I’m wrong?

    Why do we park on driveways and drive on parkways? Just curious. Curious George!

    Mandy–Thanks for the TED Talk recommendation. I’m a TED Talk fan so any recommendations are welcomed and encouraged.

  3. George

    Slow day here in the Comment Zone. I’m going to have to make some inflammatory statements…just so we get some activity here.

    Let’s see…who can I instigate…..?

  4. Barbara

    Hey all I am here!!! Lol. Great article perfect for me now. I guess I should head back to Crossfit bc I love it and it can help with my stressing. Also maybe I should get my satellite radio subscription back so I can be entertained by that instead of having road rage all the time lol. Hope to see everyone soon.

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