We understand.  A member is so excited about what they accomplish at CrossFit Suffolk so they’ll share a story about their experience at the gym.  Sometimes the people listening will be inspired.  Sometimes they are indifferent.  Sometimes a friend or family member just won’t believe the person sharing their experience is telling the truth. Well fortunately we live in the age of digital cameras.  The following photos show two of our newest members, Michelle and Evelyn,  Tire Flipping.  This tire weighs about 250 lbs. and the tread is very worn so it’s difficult to grip.

This is just a small example of how our members accomplish feats of strength and conditioning that they never imagined possible….and it only gets better!






































THE NEW AGE OF PHYSICAL THERAPY  The author of this article, Cassie Dionne, has done a great service by writing this article and she is absolutely spot on!  I say this because she describes the physical therapy services that are identical to what Jon Belmonte does at Max Effort Physical Therapy.  We are fortunate to have Jon in our facility.


I was hoping you’d ask.  As Cassie mentions in the article, most folks think of visiting the physical therapist only when they’re injured.  I respectfully submit to you that the time to visit Jon is before you are injured.  You may have a fault in your movement that is only detectable to a person trained to provide corrective therapy.  You may move in a way that has served you over the years, but isn’t ideal for something as movement oriented as CrossFit or sports.  Enter the modern doctor of physical therapy.  Jon is able to find the fault and correct the movement as well as provide exercises to help correct and strengthen the problem area.  Jon goes as far as addressing specific topics in seminar format and he has made personalized videos of techniques, specific to the individual client, to help strengthen various weaknesses that often lead to injuries.  

We often hear tales of how “dangerous” it is to CrossFit.  What we have observed over the years is that it isn’t dangerous, but many people enter CrossFit with previous injuries, poor posture, a weak core or an inability to properly “fire” certain muscles.  If you have a long commute then spend the day sitting at your desk I can almost guarantee you have some movement issues.  These issues will be exposed when you CrossFit.  They are not caused by CrossFitting!  There are some issues that can be corrected by a qualified CrossFit coach, but there are many that would be better remedied by a doctor of physical therapy…preferably one who constantly keeps up with the latest developments in the field of human movement and performance and one who has experience with sports as well as functional fitness.  Dr. Jon Belmonte meets all these criteria.  

The service is right there.  It’s foolish not to take advantage of at least getting a movement diagnostic. 

What questions do you have?—George

Men’s shows of the 2014 Reebok CrossFit Games to run on ESPN, Wednesday from 5-8 p.m. PT. – [video]  Watch (or DVR for a better time) the CrossFit Games from July 2014 on ESPN tonight!  If you haven’t seen the Games yet now’s your chance to see CrossFit performed at it’s absolute highest level.  You will not be disappointed!

Workout of the Day
Hang Power Clean
Find your 1 rep max.

4 rounds for time of:
5 hang power cleans @70% 1 RM
15 burpees

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  1. Jon B

    Always great to see people lifting heavy things!!!

    Thank you so very much for the kind words George!! It’s been amazing being able to work around such great performance professionals who truly have a passion to mold the human machine. I learn something new from you and Lisa everyday and it has enriched my practice and helped my patients a ton.

  2. michelle

    I love being here you guys make me and my sister feel so welcome my family wants to sign up just from seeing me and my sisters progress

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