I wanted to call this The CoronaVirus Chronicles but somebody took that already. Then I thought, The CoronaVirus Diaries but it sounds too “weekday-afternoon-Lifetime Channel-ish”. CoronaVirus Report almost sounds like I know what I’m talking about and CoronaVirus Journal sounds like an incredibly boring magazine you’d find in a doctor’s office under a stack of Women’s Health, Men’s Health, Golf and Motor Trend magazine.

I woke up to the sound of a ringing house phone and the robot-voice warning letting me know that it was a “1-800” call. It was light out. Bright light. I knew it wasn’t my typical 5:30 am wake up.

Here’s where the weirdness set in. I grabbed a cup of coffee and sat down. I spent 20-30 seconds trying to figure out what was going on. I mean it’s a Wednesday and I’m sitting down, at home, sipping coffee.


The Mighty Finn, the 85lb. wonder-pitbull, entered the house from the deck door on a mission to find me. I hid. Not well. He found me and, as usual, acted as if I was his long-lost, best friend that he’d never see again. I pet him, he gently chewed on my arm. Back to coffee.

Lisa was up before me and watching the news. We were hoping to hear that vaccinations have started and everything is alright and you can open up your business.

That’s not what a single reporter said though.

We did the only thing we should do at this point–put Netflix on and ate breakfast. Breakfast at home on a weekday morning. Weird. It suddenly dawned on me that besides the Mighty Finn there were no children in the home. Although they are grown there always seems to be one or two around here somewhere. Not-a-one this morning.

After breakfast, we spent a good amount of time texting with CrossFit Suffolk athletes. Not every single one but maybe 30%. Not the same as seeing everybody but having the internet and phone connection with the outside world and my people felt good. It gave me a bit of normalcy that the human brain seems to crave.

I spent the remainder of the day and evening getting things done around the house. Things I’ve been neglecting. Ran some errands to make sure the world was still really out there, cooked ribeye steaks for Lisa and me and went back to workout-programming and contacting the 29 athletes who requested home workouts. And more Netflix or Amazon Prime or some other TV service I still don’t have a handle on. I have some kind of remote that I still don’t know how to use. When I sit down to let the TV watch me I’m always hoping that Grosse Point Blank is on a channel I know how to reach all by myself. Today it was! (Yes, yes I know I can watch on Youtube or OnDemand or some other such service but what fun is that?)

Made in 1997…pre-9/11/2001, pre-modern pandemics. The violent scenes and the relationship scenes were fun!

I didn’t think about the CoronaVirus too much throughout the day. The exception was when I was out and speaking with local business owners. They were friendly but not themselves. They were quieter than usual with a slight hint of sadness. I was my upbeat self but I felt awkward because of their quietness.

Tomorrow, as they say, is another day. We look forward to seeing what it brings as it will be one day closer to getting past this thing we have going on.

Stay strong and be well!—-George

IN CASE YOU DIDN’T KNOW we are offering our members a Spartan Performance Bodyweight-Only home workout plan and a Spartan Performance Limited-Equipment plan for those with home gyms.  Text me or leave a comment in the comment section of this blog if interested.



If you requested the Bodyweight Only or Limited Equipment Workouts you’ll need this for today’s WOD:

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  1. Livia

    Missing our CrossFit Suffolk family! Mi gimnasio, mis amigas de mi clase de las 6:30am, my warriors!!, My striking class ?? … Miss saying “Good morning George!!”
    I am sure we will be back together soon. ??
    And we are interested in the body weight workouts. Thanks George!

  2. JaneM

    At least one thing has returned to normal – Crossfit Suffolk wod postings. I get to start my day reading another great story posted by George and some informative articles. Just the way I have started my day for 10+ years.
    Sad to say but I have never watched Grosse Pointe Blank in its entirety. I’ve flipped and caught bits and pieces and I could never figure out what is going on. I guess I will have plenty of time now to sit down and watch it.
    I miss you all (including my goodest boy Finn) and sweating and grunting and comparing aches and pains with Cindy.
    Stay safe and strong Spartans!

    1. Spartan

      Janie you have to watch the entire thing. It has great dialogue, a phenomenal soundtrack and outstanding cast. Thanks for your kind words and 10+ years of support.

  3. Bevin

    This post definitely helps to restore a sense of normalcy. Thanks George! Janes I too have never seen that movie but have a feeling I will now. Miss everyone already!

    1. Bethie

      For the past 7 years I have been to crossfit 5-6 times a week. I confused. Today wendy and i used the 45 min zumba dvd. I liked it…wendy needs someone to teach her to dance. We tried situps but Bentley decided he needed to sit on me. It finally stopped raining so i took my dog on his normal 3 mile walk. It’s just weird to not drive down Nichols rd to vets highway. I miss you all. More zumba tomorrow and maybe using some kind of weights. I am happy to see the daily updates…at least something can stay the same. Maybe we could find a park and do an outside workout…of course being 6 feet apart from.each other. George please tell Finn we miss him.

      1. Spartan

        I like the idea of an outdoor workout. Others have mentioned it. Lisa and I used to meet our original crossfitters at a high school track. We’d bring some equipment and make running wods. It was awesome. Perhaps when the sun shines for a few hours we can plan something.

        Finn misses you too!

  4. Ben

    It’s crazy, but I did get a full 8 hours of sleep last night with only 1 mid-night wake up!
    I’m staying away from the news, mostly, pretending I’m just on a stay-cation, getting some tasks accomplished. Yesterday was my father’s truck. Today, because of the rain, it’s probably cleaning inside. Not my favorite. Oh well. I ran 4 miles yesterday, but didn’t work out on Tuesday. Today I’m going to explore the 1970s style concrete weights that are in the basement. It’s going to be interesting.

    Stay strong, I miss having somewhere to be at 4pm and seeing all the regulars.

  5. John H

    Greetings from the Spartan Alumni. I truly miss all of you. Even though my journey has me on a different path I will always be a Spartan Suffolk warrior. Looking forward to reading what ever comes out of the head of George-YEAH GEORGE
    Ps Ben those nightly wake ups get more frequent as you creep further up the masters group

  6. Dan V

    Great article George! Just know that those business owners who were quiet with bit of sadness needed your positive energy. Don’t feel awkward about it, spread it any chance you get brother! We all need it. This limited contact with other people goes against the very nature of what it is to be human. But we’ll get past it and hopefully be a better society and a kinder and more caring people for it. Stay positive and share that positive energy anyway you can. I feel these posts and people’s reply’s are one great way to do that so thank you. Stay well everyone!

    Logan and I would love to hear about these homework out plans. Please give me a call, 631-523-5465. Thanks

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