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SITTING, STANDING, OR WALKING:  WHAT’S THE BEST WAY TO WORK                    “Sitting too much makes us unhealthier, unfitter, more metabolically broken — possibly even dumber.

Ha, you think. I work out. I’m safe.

Think again.

If you work out for an hour a day, but sit for the remainder, that one hour doesn’t do much to counter 9+ hours of butt-in-chair.“—Dr. M.C. Shraefel for Precision Nutrition

CROSSFIT, KEVIN OGAR AND QUESTIONS          “While Ogar’s situation is far beyond being simply unfortunate, it’s not necessarily a mark on CrossFit as a whole. The guy was big, strong, experienced, and in the middle of going balls-out during a tough competition. Using his tragic accident as just another chance to knock the entire CrossFit community is just lousy. For sure, we can take the opportunity to examine general competition safety, maybe for all strength sports, but let the conversation be productive instead of letting it be an excuse to drive a wedge further between any groups of dedicated lifters.“—Chris Colucci for


CROSSFIT 631 THROWDOWN, MARCH 1ST 2014         This is the registration link for a local competition.  We have athletes registered for this one!  The link will also provide the workouts, movement standards and the differences between the RX’D division and the Scaled division.


Workout of the Day
Strength/Skill Work:
Tire Flipping  (You may get dirty on this one!)
Prowler Push  (Push the sled, inside the gym, use little or no weight)
“L” Sit Holds on Parallettes  (Gripping the parallettes, hold your legs straight out     in front of you not supported by the ground, but in the air)

Each group should spend about 25 minutes on the above skills.


5 rounds for time of:
15 Russian kettlebell swings
15 Sit-ups

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

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  1. Beth

    It was so much fun I hope we use those more often!!! You all will have a great time tonight. And how sad that a prowler and big tire made me happy!!

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