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Some of the training tips, from the Poliquin Editorial Staff, pertain solely to physique athletes (body builders), but many of the tips apply to those interested in athletic performance as well.  Sound nutrition to recover and build muscle will enhance performance.  Sound sleeping advice will facilitate better recovery.  Understanding how to manipulate your macronutrients (protein, carbs and fat) will affect your performance.  Understanding how best to use supplements will aid in recovery, may enhance endurance and will aid in muscle building, all of which will increase performance.—George


OLD TIME STRONGMAN DIETS        “Like many strongmen today, their diets varied and showed many differences when compared with each other. If you’re looking for the perfect diet to gain their legendary strength and musculature, you’re out of luck. By exploring the diets of these old timers, however, you can gain some insight on their eating habits, and perhaps incorporate them into your own diet. Everybody responds differently to different foods and plans, so it’s important that you do not blindly follow somebody else’s way, but rather, discover your own way. Find what works for you individually.”Matthew Chan, Physical Culturist



REMINDER: The After-The-Holidays Party Extravaganza will be held in the gym on Saturday, February 15th at 8pm.  Bring something.  Wear regular clothes.  Have fun!  Morning people meet the night people.  Night people meet the morning people.  Tell stories.  Share insight.  Make others laugh.  Somebody…anybody…please get a 6:30am regular member to come.  Apparently none of them read the website so personally invite one or two of them.  And I don’t mean one that comes to various sessions.  No!  I’m talking about a hardcore, card-carrying, 6:30am ONLY athlete.  And I’m not talking about the dude that runs the session or his better half.  No!  I’m talking about someone that none of you know actually exists.  Someone who is just a name on a whiteboard. 

We don’t send out personal invitations.  Members past and present are invited….unless you’re reasonably sure I don’t like you.  It has to be real dislike though.  A dislike that has been actually voiced by me.  None of this, “He probably doesn’t like me” nonsense born of deep-seated insecurity.  No!  Real, Didn’t-I-tell-you-I disliked-you type of dislike.

Looking forward to seeing you all there!

Yes, even you.


Workout of the Day
10 min to work to a max 2-Position Snatch (1. hi-hang – shoulders even with or slightly behind bar, bar in contact with pelvis, 2. hang – just above knee).

For time:
150 Wall-ball shots

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

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    1. Cindy

      I feel privileged that you like me better than Karen..HaHa…Hope I will always be invited to the parties before her..I didnt care for karen when we met this morning…

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