For the last few weeks we have had numerous discussions on diet and nutrition.  We have posted articles to give you a good idea of how to begin changing your style of eating in order to improve health, performance and body composition.  The following will be a list of observations, things we learned from discussions with others, things we’ve researched and highlights of what we’ve discovered along our own journey.  The object is to help those just starting out or those new to changing their eating style.  As always your feedback and comments are not only welcome they are encouraged.

1)  We like the Paleo Diet as a “base”.  Some refer to it as a “template”.  We recommend those with obesity or health issues (especially auto-immune issues) try it in its strictest form because there is enough anecdotal evidence to say it is effective.  The non-obese, those without health issues and athletes can, and we believe should, tweak their diet according to what they need and what works for them.

2) We consider those who CrossFit to be athletes.

3) Everyone is different and therefore different things will work for different people.  Find what works for you.  Food that gives you an adverse reaction probably isn’t good for you.  Seems like common sense, but we often see people eat things that make them feel (or look!) bad.

4) There is no reason to eat grain-based food and plenty of reasons not to eat them.  Check out WHY GRAINS ARE UNHEALTHY by Mark Sisson of Mark’s Daily Apple.

5)  Even animals in captivity get healthier when their diet is changed to resemble what they ate in the wild, the animal version of “Paleo”.    CAPTIVE GORILLAS SUCCUMBING TO HUMAN DISEASES, and  GRIZZLY BEARS MAY HAVE DIET LESSONS THAT CAN BE HELPFUL FOR HUMANS

6)  There is no one set in stone plan for meal frequency.  Some are good with eating once or twice a day while others have 6 meals a day.  Meal frequency has little to do with body weight management.

7) Biggest factor for consistently eating well is to plan and prepare.  Get rid of the crap food in your house and keep it stocked with healthy food.  Cook and package your own food in advance of when you’ll need it.  Have your own menu for the week.

8) Get a slow cooker.  You can cook simple, delicious meals while at work or while doing other things.  There are paleo, slow-cooker recipe books that are outstanding.  You can go to the internet for a gazillion healthy recipes as well.

9)  The problem with beans and peanuts: THE LEGUME MANIFESTO, HOW BAD IS PEANUT BUTTER, REALLY?

10)  Supplementing isn’t “paleo”, but remember paleo is only our “base”.  We use supplements to ensure that we are receiving enough vitamins and minerals.  We also use supplements to increase protein intake and aid in recovery.  Check out: SUPPLEMENT REVIEW: SUPPLEMENTS THAT SUCK, SUPPLEMENTS THAT WORK AND SUPPLEMENTS THAT ARE UNDERRATED PART 1 AND PART 2

11) If you feel it necessary to eat something you know is unhealthy then go ahead.  Don’t feel bad or guilty.  Enjoy!  If it’s really bad don’t make a habit of it–and share it with me!–George



Workout of the Day

Hang Clean Find your 1 rep max.

For time:

30 Overhead Lunge Step 45/25# plate

25 Thrusters 45/35#

15 C2B Pull-ups

15 Thrusters 95/65#

15 C2B Pull-ups

7 Thrusters 135/95#

30 Overhead Lunge steps 45/25# plate

*Only one bar may be used.   Stage all plates needed for weight changes before beginning.

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

4 Responses

  1. Lenny F

    For anyone on the fence about trying to eat paleo, I feel compelled to tell you that I have been doing it strict for just 2 weeks and I have already lost close to 10 lbs. It hasn’t been easy but I feel great and shockingly don’t miss the crap food that I was accustomed to eating. I recommend anyone who crossfits to try it, it’s worth the effort.

  2. Kelly R

    Great read as always ! this is my biggest struggle! Eating! For me it’s been tweeking, learning, researching, asking everyone in the gym what they eat, I am still waiting for the ” magical ” diet plan to be handed to me but it’s not happening!
    I didn’t make any drastic changes over night- I took it slow- cut out one thing at a time little by little! I have been soda free for a year! The only oil in my house is coconut oil and olive oil. ( this too was a big change ) I drink coconut milk and almond milk like its water and I eat coconut milk from the can! I even eat cauliflower like its oatmeal-
    yet I still have weight issues- I still have days of feeling tired- still get break outs- I am not complaining I am just pointing out that this is not an overnight fix & with each new day we get another chance to make a change!
    We as women are hard on ourselves and want instant gratification- we want to start eating right on Sunday and by the end of week we want to wear skinny jeans with a 6 pack!
    One thing that really helps me stay focused w my eating is taking photos of my food- fell off the bandwagon during the holidays so starting over with this- I take a picture of everything I put in my mouth and keep it in an album in my phone w the time I ate it. Makes me think twice about eating off my kids plates or having a bite of dessert!
    Changes will happen-it just takes time- lots of time 🙂

  3. beth

    Kelly you are so funny…taking pictures of everything you eat is an even better idea than writing it down!! Dont beat yourself up too much -at least your trying which is way more than most people!!

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