Kristen has been training with CrossFit Suffolk since October 2012.  Since then besides working hard on all skills crossfit, she can now do 4 strict pull-ups.  This means Kristen can now do more pull-ups than 55% of the women United States Marine Corps recruits in bootcamp last year!  Kristen manages to crossfit while working full-time as a Senior Accountant, being a single parent to her daughter and studying for her Certified Public Accountant Exam (she has 2 more parts to go!).

Says Kristen, “CrossFit Suffolk is one of the best things that ever happened to me.  It has challenged me, proved that I can do things I would never have done before.  It’s made me healthier in numerous ways, more confidant and proud of my accomplishments.  It’s also become my second home/family!  Just getting to the gym gets me out of any funk I’m in and it gives me a second wind to study after work.  CrossFit Suffolk has helped me network and meet people.  It’s one of the most positive things I’ve gotten involved with in a long time.  And I love it!  Every grueling second of it!  Oh..and chalk too.  It looks good on your clothes, especially running errands after a workout.  Bad ass!”

Did I mention she’s a smart-ass too.


Since 9/11/01 fifty-five Navy SEALS have made the ultimate sacrifice.  Many of them left behind a wife and children.  This coming Sunday, January 19th, John M. is participating in a 3.1 mile swim to help raise funds for the families of fallen SEALs.  John’s goal is to raise $1000.00. At last look he is only $375.00 short of his goal. You can click here to help the cause: John’s 2014 Navy Frogman Swim Donation Page

Thank you to those who have donated!


Bevin and Kelly R. are looking for two more athletes for a 4 man team to participate in the 2014 Frostbite Competition in Long Island City.  Here’s the catch…it has to be 2 men.  Bevin and Kelly will be competing in the Scaled Division.  What do say fellas…a little CrossFit competition, outdoors on a beautiful February morning??  The challenge has been placed before you.  Who will step up?






The downloads are very helpful charts put together by Stephanie Gaudreau from the blog, Stupid Easy Paleo   Stephanie just came out with her book The Paleo Athlete.  This is the first Paleo book that caters to crossfit athletes, power athletes and weightlifters for their unique needs and dietary tweaking.  We have not read it yet, but we plan on it.—George


Workout of the Day
4 rounds for time of:
20 Russian kettlebell swings 24/16kg
30 sit-ups

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

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  1. Kelly R

    Kristen! You are bad ass girl! I have seen these pull ups!
    George- cant wait to get back in gym- I’m losing valuable time here.
    Thanks Nick! Come on 1 more guy! Anyone?
    This is our 1st time doing anything like this so we just need a guy looking to have some fun and try it out like the rest of us!
    Hope to see you guys soon :))

  2. Kelly R

    George when I clicked on the link it came up with last years games- this year it’s February 22. This link should work:

    And it looks like last year WODS included thrusters & sled pulls??
    Can we use the sled this week? You’ ll have to show me this one George!

    From website:
    Scaled Team Athletes:
    The Scaled Team athletes will be able to complete workouts if they are comfortable with the basic gymnastics movements practiced in CrossFit, as well as Clean & Jerk and Snatch 95/65# for reps.

  3. Tatyana

    Great job Kristen!!!! Strict pull up is up there on my list too 🙂 it great to see your achievements – very inspiring !!!!

  4. John H

    Anyone going up to the Masters throwdown on Saturday I’m taking the 6am ferry out of portjeff, if someone wants to jump in my car.

  5. Barbara Olsen

    We are going to the Masters on Saturday. We are actually going around 10 with Lauren and Andrew. Are you staying over? We all are……can’t wait to cheer you MASTERS on!!!!! 🙂 GOOOOO SPARTANS!!!

  6. Annmarie

    So proud of you little mama!! I’ve seen you working hard at it, I’m so glad you nailed it. I’m going to repost this on our “secret” group page LOL!

  7. Kristen

    Thanks guys! I’ve finally joined the club along with the other women in the gym that can do them!

    Kelly & Bevin – are spectators allowed!? I’d love to see if I can make it to cheer you guys on!

    John – you’re so funny, I see what you did with my name. “it’s easy to remember, I’m a TEN” hahahaha

    See you folks later!

  8. Katy

    Way to go Kristen!! I can’t wait to get my first strict pull-up.. To do four is such an accomplishment! And I was going to tell you the other day that the chalk on your shirt looked really good on you.. Lol. Keep up the good work!!

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