Workout of the Day
Overhead Squat
Find your 1 rep max.

10 minute AMRAP of:

5 Push Press 70% 1-rep max, *must start on ground
10 Burpees
15 walking lunge steps

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.




HOW TO SQUAT MORE WITHOUT GETTING STRONGER          “Here are eight ways you can increase your squat without getting any stronger. Believe me, you already have the strength. It’s simply a case of learning how to tap into it. These are direct changes that can have a quick and profound impact on how much you lift.”Chet Morjaria for Breaking Muscle


For those competing in the Northeast Masters on January 18th (or those considering it) the first of three workouts has been announced:

Workout One, “Rogaine”
8 Mins to establish your heaviest set of:
3 DLs + 2 HCs + 1 FS + 1 S20 (shoulder to overhead)

Your score is your heaviest complex completed within the eight minutes.

Complex Notes:
– Your hands must remain on the bar throughout the entire complex
– You must show control and full rom on every rep
– Your Deadlifts must be touch and go and no pauses at the bottom
– You must reset your feet on both the HCs and Shoulder to Overhead
– You will be allowed to Hang Power or Hang Squat Clean
– You will receive credit for the squat in your 2nd Hang Squat Clean
– You will be allowed to Press, Push Press, Jerk, or Split Jerk

Tie Breaker Notes:
– Max Double Unders or Single Unders

The tie breaker must be completed inside the time cap and after your FINAL attempt. Once you start jump roping, you cannot touch the barbell again. Before the workout begins, you’ll need to tell your judge if you’ll be performing Double Unders or Single Unders. You won’t be allowed to mix the two.

Max Double Unders = worth 3 points
Max Single Unders = worth 1 point

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