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ARE YOU FIT ENOUGH?  THE STANDARDS YOU NEED TO BECOME A COMPETITIVE CROSSFITTER  This is one gym’s criteria for getting into their competitor’s training program.  Keep in mind while reading this that most people who CrossFit just want to get and stay strong and well-conditioned for life and are competing with their number-one rival–themselves.  While this list of standards is worth striving for not everyone will ever be able to perform all these tasks and that’s fine.  You can be strong and fit without being a Games competitor.

Workout of the Day
1X5 @ 40% 1RM
1X5 @ 50%
1X5 @ 60%
NOTE: Use 90% of your 1 rep max as your 1-rep max when calculating percentages.  You’ll notice the weights are VERY light this week.  This is by design.  This will be a deload week.

5 rounds for time of:
9 hang power clean 135/95#
9 ring dips

double kettlebell overhead static hold: 60, 45, 30 seconds

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

Get on the list to attend The After-The Holidays Party.  IT’S 5 DAYS AWAY, on Saturday, January 13th at 8 PM.  There will be entertainment, games, food, and beverage.   The party will also serve as a celebration of CrossFit Suffolk’s 10TH YEAR ANNIVERSARY!  That’s right, this month we are at this thing of ours for 10 YEARS!  As the first CrossFit in Suffolk County and celebrating our 10-year anniversary, we’d like to share the occasion with as many of you as possible.  We hope to see you there!  We’re still taking a list of attendees so if you’re not on it, but should be, please let us know.  If you have questions let us know.  Here are some questions that are frequently asked:

  1. Can I bring my husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, significant other?         Yes, bring them all.  Get a sitter for children and pets.
  2. How should I dress?  Wear clothes.  Not gym clothes.  Casual but neat attire works.
  3. Will there be a workout?  No. Not during the party.  Touching equipment or working out is completely forbidden during the party.  No exceptions.
  4. Do we have to bring something?  A dish to share is encouraged but not a requirement.  If you have a special beverage you enjoy feel free to bring.
  5. I can’t make it on time can I come late?  Yes.  We’ve been having this party for the last 8 years.  It has never ended before 2 AM.
  6. Where is it?  In the gym.  We magically transform the gym into a Great Hall of Celebration.  We’ll even turn the heat on.
  7. Will there be tables and chairs?  Yes.  I don’t see why such things are necessary but not everyone thinks like me.


CROSSFIT STRIKING WORKSHOP  Sunday, February 11th.  8 AM- 5 PM       Of all the Specialty courses I’ve participated in this was one of my favorites!!  The Workshop is 6 weeks from now.  This is the time the spots will start going quickly.

The CrossFit Workshop: Striking is a single-day immersive experience that teaches participants how to increase overall fitness, core strength, rotational speed and power by incorporating striking drills into CrossFit workouts. Strikes are some of the most functional movements because punching and kicking with true power, speed and accuracy require people to utilize their entire body. This is why fighters are some of the most well-conditioned and powerful athletes in the world.

With this in mind, the Striking Workshop is designed to teach participants to incorporate basic mixed-martial-arts, boxing and self-protection striking concepts into workouts. The course also teaches attendees to program these skills into workouts for greater variance. All this is done in a non-contact format that focuses on proper technique by using shadow boxing, focus mitts, kick shields and a heavy bag.

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