Ashley: What are you looking at?

Pat:  Well, we’re getting married tomorrow and there are still so many decisions I need to make.

Ashley:  No, Love of My Life, all “decisions” were made.  All plans are set in motion.  We’re good.  You can relax now.

Pat: Dearest, you don’t understand.  I’m not sure whether I should do the CrossFit Suffolk WOD, CompetitorsWOD, the Aerobic Capacity WOD or try to get all 3 in before the ceremony.  I shouldn’t be too late for the ceremony…right?

Ashley:  Get that stupid grin off your face!



WHY WE WON’T OR CAN’T FIX THE PROBLEM OF OBESITY IN AMERICA  The VERY BEST article I’ve seen on the subject to date…and it was entertaining!

If you didn’t read the nutrition links from yesterday’s post click HERE and find them.  You will look for these at some point.  Read them sooner rather than later.  And put then in your Favorites folder because you will look for them in the future.  Yes, I am a mind-reader as a matter of fact!


                                                                                   Saturday will be the regular Saturday schedule.

                                                                                   Sunday and Monday WE WILL BE CLOSED.

Workout of the Day
30 minutes of:
200 meter run
5 Russian kettlebell swings
5 AbMat “butterfly” sit-ups (knees wide, heels close to butt, shoe bottoms touching)
2 groiners with T-Spine rotation (one on each side)

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

13 Responses

  1. Patrick Wingler

    You must have had a microphone recording us cause thats an exact transcript of what we said!! Lol well played George. But really…we might have been saying that ????

  2. Andy

    Ashley: pat are you ready and excited?
    Pat: Yeah I guess I’m ready for Fran, I’m not too worried
    Ashley: I meant about the wedding you asshole

  3. George Demetriou

    Pat–If you had a conversation anywhere near what I posted I did not hear it,

    Andy- Now THAT conversation did take place between me and Pat, fortunately Ashley did not hear it. OOPS.

  4. George Demetriou

    By the way…there will be no Evening sessions tomorrow at all. All morning sessions will be as regularly scheduled.

  5. Bethie

    doesn’t that say that in red above – no Friday evening sessions. Tomorrow is Friday and one would think the word NO would mean there are NO Friday evening sessions for the holiday weekend. Am I thinking too much?

    I can’t imagine Pat using the word “Dearest” – I think my grandparents used that word in the early 1900’s

  6. Bevin

    Andy for the win on caption. Pat on the win for wife. So happy for you two!!!!!! Someone please take and post lots of pics. Congratulations you two!

  7. George Demetriou

    Bethie–I’m going to type slow so you can understand me better…here it goes: The Red Writing clearly starts with the words “Holiday Schedule Modifications”. Pardon me, I assumed everybody knew this weekend was a holiday weekend being the 4th of July, our Independence Day, is this Monday. Weekend, meaning the end of the week normally starts with Saturday. Forgive me, I threw Friday night into the mix. Not ALL Friday nights to infinity and beyond, but this Friday night which will be the eve of our holiday weekend. Being that we are attending the Red Wedding tomorrow night and no trainers are available to coach we are closed. We don’t anticipate closing every Friday night as we don’t believe we will be attending weddings on many Friday nights and if we do it is our strong belief that more coaches would be available in the future. Pat and Ashley have lured most of our membership to their wedding, on this particular Friday, probably so they can give us the Red Wedding business and take over CrossFit Suffolk.

    Just kidding Beth! The reason for the confusion is when I first published the post it said, “Friday evening sessions may be canceled. Stay tuned.” It was confirmed while I was in the Comment Zone so I wrote it in the comments first. Then I had the bright idea of changing the message, in the body of the blog post,
    to what it says now–what you read. Therein lies the confusion. So it’s my fault not yours. Hopefully you will find it in your heart to forgive me.

    As for my use of the word “dearest” it was totally for comedic effect. I’m sorry you didn’t find it funny enough to just chuckle a bit instead of hyper-focusing on my usage of terminology that hasn’t been used in the last 100 years or so. Alright “Mommy Dearest”??

  8. George Demetriou

    Bevin–Are you kidding me? You mean to tell me Andy’s caption is better than mine?

    This is bullshit Dearest.

    Andy’s caption is based on an actual conversation that he was privy to. Mine was harvested from within the realm of my own imagination. Do you know how long I worked on my caption? Are you aware of the creative process that took place?

    I am butt-hurt beyond normal acceptable levels.

    Good day madam.

    1. Bevin

      Dearest George. While Andy’s caption might have been based on an actual conversation and not creatively thought of, I could hear Ashley’s voice as I read it. With regards to you being butt hurt, I don’t buy it. I think it’s malarkey. ????

      See you soon.

  9. Bethie

    I did get that dearest was for comedic effect…apparently my comedic affect comment regarding the word dearest was not understood as that. Oh well

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