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Skill Development

Congratulations to three of our athletes who were recently certified as CF Level 1 trainers:

Joe Gasparre
Devin Ford
Larry Ford

The article posted on the main CrossFit website on Saturday was inspirational.  The article reminded me of one of my friends, Skip Hall.  Skip recently retired from a professional Mixed Martial Arts career.  Skip is 63 years old!    Skip fought guys half his age and younger.  Think about it for a moment….Skip is nearly 20 years older than MMA legend Randy Couture!

While most men Skip’s age are considering taking it easy Skip was punching men in the face for enjoyment and the spirit of competition.  We admired Skip as soon as we learned of him.  That admiration turned to awe after we spoke to him.  Below is the link to our interview with Skip which is featured in the current edition of www.Realfighting.com.

When you speak to people who say their too old to train or to old to stay in top physical condition tell then about Skip Hall.


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