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Check out the story and photos from China View, Prapawadee Jaroenrattanatarakoon, a weightlifter from Thailand  won the gold for 53kg women with a 126 kg Clean and Jerk.  Prapawadee weighs roughly 117 lbs..  Her clean and jerk was about 277 lbs..  That's well over twice her body weight!

The photos that accompany the story show the various stages of the clean and jerk.  There's one that shows the drive, one that shows her elbows up in the racked position and one where her elbows are out to the sides, just before she gets under the bar.

Before CrossFit I didn't fully appreciate the athleticism of the Olympic weightlifters.  I'm in awe of them now!  I'm still trying to Squat Clean my body weight and here's a woman that weighs what I weighed in 10th grade, cleaning 43 pounds over what is twice her body weight!

Prapawadee claimed title in women's 53kg of weightlifting

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