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For time:
Run 800 meters
Run 400 meters backwards
Run 800 meters
Run 400 meters backwards

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Re: Running backwards
Quite frankly I'm surprised we haven't seen this sooner.  If you have never run backwards before, for a set distance, it's a completely different "animal".  The first time I ran backwards for more than 20 meters I felt completely winded.  It wasn't because I was in bad shape, I was running steadily at this time, but strictly forwards.  The new pattern of movement and motor skill left me feeling exhausted after a short distance.  Like other new motor skills it takes some getting used to-even if you're good shape.

Part of my black belt test in 1996 consisted of performing various tasks over an eight hour period.  One of those tasks was to run a mile backwards, on the hour every hour, on the ice and snow covered streets, in under 11 minutes.  I averaged about 9:30 minutes for the 8 rounds.  Not setting any land speed records, but I had come a long way from feeling gassed after 40 meters!  I did it, but it took a couple of weeks to feel comfortable running backwards at this distance.  The mere act of looking over the shoulder as I ran was mentally exhausting in the beginning.

We're most pleased to see the backwards run in the WOD!


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