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Back Squat 5-5-5-5-5 reps

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Compare to 080605.

Congratulations to Devin and Larry for participating in CrossFit Santa Cruz’s 100 Day Burpee Challenge…by the end of 100 days they will have completed over 5000 burpees!  Devin and Larry consistently push themselves and each other constantly striving for outstanding performance!

Larry and Devin….doing their thing!

Congratulations to Joe for another PR for “Fran”.  Joe did the first round, chest to bar, rounds 2 and 3 chin over bar.  Time: 4:36

Mike Burgener, from CrossFit affiliate, Mike’s Gym and the coach for the Olympic Lifting Certification is the father of Casey Burgener who is competing in the Olympics in a few short days!  We’re very proud that a CrossFit Coach and affiliate has a son representing the U.S. in the Olympics.  Get some Casey!

From Garage Gym to Beijing – Weightlifter Casey Burgener Makes

(Article from Voice of America and photo from Bruce Clemens)
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  1. DevinFord_@_CFsuffolk

    Back Squat-
    Then followed by 23 burbees for the burbee challenge
    Needless to say after the 253 yesturday legs are experiencing slight discomfort

  2. Larry

    Back Squat-
    Then followed by 23 burpees for the 100 day burpee challenge.
    I have to take a second motion on Devin’s comment about doing the 253 burpees yesterday, and the affects it had on the legs.

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