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Skill Development or Making Up Missed Workout Of The Day



Everything You Know About Muscle Is Wrong  Fascinating article about Fascia and how the body performs, how posture affects performance and pain and correcting common problems. 

Everday Survival  by Laurence Gonzales, the author of Deep Survival: Who Lives, Who Dies and Why.  Gonzales doesn't just offer tips–he digs deeper into the personality of the individual to examine why some seemingly have a survivor personality and why others don't.  Gonzales has identified that survival, in any situation, often has to do with the character, wit and worldview of the individual.

CrossFitter Fights Off Her Attacker  Video news report of a crossfitter from CrossFit Nasty who fought off a home invader and would be rapist.   Awesome!  You never know when life is going to force you to be an athlete….or warrior!

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