CROSSFIT SUFFOLK  **  Forging Elite Fitness

Skill Development and Make Up WOD


Larry, sitting with Devin and Jane, back from his world-

wind tour of Japan and Hong Kong .  In the first leg of his trip he had no

access to equipment, but worked out anyway.  It wasn't until Hong Kong

that he found a gym.  To make up for it he did four WODs in one day,

including a new PR in "Grace".  Back home last night he did yesterday's

WOD, as Rx'd, in 12:30!  If all that isn't enough….Larry happened to be

in the gym, in Hong Kong, with a local who was Crossfitting!


Hector doesn't just wear the t-shirt…he lives the code!P2230301 

Not only did Patrick show up with a beret……


….he demonstrates only a strong man would wear one during a workout! 


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