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 Meditation For Life Extension And The Twinkie Guy  The meditation portion of today's re-post, courtesy of Mark Sisson of Mark's Daily Apple, is one of the best we've seen on the subject.  Two days ago we re-posted an article on daydreaming.  The premise of the article is that daydreaming often drifts to negative thoughts which cause unhappiness.  Meditation is the complete opposite.  Meditation is actually not "holding" any thought in particular and staying completely in the present moment.  It is heightened awareness.  Having engaged in both daydreaming and meditation we can say with some authority that the meditative state is far, far better than daydreaming for numerous reasons.  While daydreaming doesn't have to be negative it is usually a waste of time.  It takes you away from the present moment and interferes with your awareness.  We've witnessed athletes daydreaming in the middle of a workout while trying to catch their breath.  The problem is that the daydream causes a loss of focus and a rest period that is longer than necessary.  When an athlete loses count during a high repetition stage of a workout there's a good chance that the culprit is the daydream.  We've noticed a difference in our own performance when we reign in the mind and stay in the "here and now" instead of thinking about the next rep and the next round. 

Daydreaming when not working out, but doing other activities like crossing the street or driving, can be fatal.  While working as a police officer I was astonished at the amount of accidents that resulted from at least one driver in nearly every accident experiencing "driver inattention".  That was before the days of cell phones and texting.

During meditation the mind doesn't "drift off", "wander", "daydream" or fixate on any one thing in particular.  Meditation has a calming affect on the mind and body.  We believe it is not only healthy, but necessary in the modern world.  The more distractions society has to offer the more meditation is crucial.  The true "trick" is to live in a state of mind that resembles meditation while one goes about the normal course of the day–to meditate while moving through life.  Simple in concept, but the actual execution requires patience and consistent practice.  A practice we're still trying to master. 

As far as the Twinkie Guy part of the article we didn't really have much interest.  If the guy experimented with Funny Bones or Twizzlers that would be interesting.


Evolution And Training: An Interview With Dr. William Meller  By Jim Steel for Starting Strength….Excellent, but long, article….worth your time!


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